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Chinafy Launches Platform Enhancing China Market Access for Millions of Businesses

Chinafy Accelerates the Global Internet for Chinese Consumers, and Puts the World’s Second Largest Economy Within Reach.

Chinafy the leading China performance platform, is proud to announce the launch of its all-in-one web compatibility and performance suite. The platform enables Global companies’ websites to be fast, and fully accessible in China, including features such as automation, translation, SEO, and analytics, as well as consultancy for enterprise clients who need more custom solutions. Until today, usage of the platform has been on an invite-only basis. Starting , Chinafy will be opening up the platform to the public, with more self-serve functionality and more optimization tools expected in the coming months.

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China’s internet has evolved independent from the rest of the world with limited bandwidth and connectivity. Today, over 95% of all foreign websites have debilitating performance in China, with –

  • Average load times in excess of 30 seconds

  • Unstable and incomplete pages

  • Missing or broken components like maps, images or styling

  • Fewer than 10% of pages indexed properly on Chinese Search Engines

“The China growth story is possibly the most important one of our time. Global businesses that fail to take advantage of this opportunity will become irrelevant in the years to come” says Founder, and CEO Kevin Lepsoe.

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Technology Applicable to Any Site

Chinafy provides a solution for companies looking to reach potential customers providing accelerated, and legitimate ways through the Great Firewall without circumventing any of the rules or restrictions. Chinafy bolts onto any site, making it 5-8x faster, and up to 100% deliverable in China.

The technology has no impact on the global site and takes only a few minutes to implement. Salient features include –

  • Performance Optimization: Automated file-optimisation specific to the end-users’ device and browser, and multi-CDN infrastructure.

  • Resource Management: Automatic and manual options to remove and or replace blocked or China-incompatible resources that cause pages to load slowly or be broken. This includes, for example, replacing Youtube Videos with streaming video, and Google Maps with other map providers.

  • Location-Based Filtering: Location-aware delivery of different site versions under the same URL. China-optimized version for visitors in China, and then the direction of global visitors to the original site – with no-noticeable difference to visitors.

  • Auto-Synchronization: New pages are scanned and mirrored, with optimisations made on the fly – saving hours of manual work for Marketing & DevOps teams.

According to recent data, the most prominent industries for overseas Chinese consumers are Travel which has seen spending upwards of $258B (2017 UNWTO), Real Estate with upwards of $101B (2016 Juwai), and education coming in at $56B (2016 Caixin). Unfortunately, 95% of the time, sites, including those in these aforementioned industries, are completely debilitated by either speed or compatibility. With Chinafy, the barrier to entry will be eliminated instantly opening up more direct access to $500B for non-Chinese companies.

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