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ZeroSum Announces Google Vehicle Ads, an Inventory-Based Shopping Solution for New and Used Car Dealers

ZeroSum, an industry leading provider of software, data and marketing automation services to the automotive industry, will now be offering a seamless connection to Google’s Vehicle Ads, or Vehicle Listing Ads, for its new and used car dealer and marketer customers. The service places real-time dealer inventory at the top of Google’s search results page when customers are searching for new and used vehicles.

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The benefits of Vehicle Ads for vehicle dealers are numerous, as it provides dynamic, low-funnel advertising that is highly visible via search. The ads have a high impression share with a low average cost-per-click (CPC) and send shoppers directly to the vehicle detail page (VDP) – leading to higher conversion rates – while pushing other results further down the search results page.

“The high-profile placement of Vehicle Ads and ZeroSum’s ability to provide immediate inventory data to Google allows us to gain majority impression share on searches related to dealer inventory by active shoppers,” said Nick Dionne, VP of Product and Marketing at ZeroSum. “Using the data, a Google search returns a relevant vehicle ad to shoppers who are using high-intent search terms. The result is a qualified shopper right on the VDP, closest to the point of conversion. The maturation of paid search lends itself to the emergence of new products and technologies, especially within the fiercely competitive automotive market.”

The ads, which feature details such as vehicle image, mileage, trim level, dealer brand name and location, are also automatically catered to shoppers in a pre-identified geo location. Due to the high-value positioning and targeting of Vehicle Ads, dealers can see a reduction in CPC when added to conventional search engine marketing campaigns.

The Vehicle Ads offering is the latest solution from ZeroSum to assist its auto dealer and marketer customers. Over the past year, ZeroSum has launched both MarketAI, the industry’s first AI-driven marketing platform, and Auto-Stream, a first-of-its-kind platform that utilizes real-time data to assist customers with the transition from traditional TV to over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) advertising to drive faster auto sales and lower advertising costs.

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Already used by thousands of dealers nationwide, the MarketAI platform houses an inventory of hundreds of millions of VINs and related data, allowing dealerships to leverage the cross-platform advertising system to specifically target active shoppers. The MarketAI platform can be paired with social media, digital display, search, Auto-Stream, and Vehicle Shopping Ads to increase performance.

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