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Primis Launches Contextual Advertising and Audience Extension

Video discovery platform Primis is announcing two exciting new technologies that will provide enhanced targeting for advertisers and additional revenue streams for publishers, without compromising the privacy of internet users. Primis, Video Discovery offers publishers the opportunity to increase their revenue by helping their users discover high quality video content that is often provided by syndicators, such as Reuters, Jukin Media, Caters News and many others.

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“At Primis, we are dedicated to the goal of helping the ad tech industry to do video better and these innovations will undoubtedly move us closer to that goal,” says Eyal Betzalel, Co-CEO of Primis. “Publishers and advertisers and all other entities in the ad tech ecosystem will benefit from both of these technologies, but, most importantly, it will provide a superior experience for the end user.”

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Contextual Targeting for Advertisers

This technology provides a solution for advertisers to reach relevant audiences in a cookie-less world. Within the Primis Network, brands are able to target their ads according to several levels of contextual targeting, including by:

  • Content provider
  • Page title
  • Keywords on the page
  • Category of page
  • Category of video

With the increasing unreliability of cookies and the growing focus on privacy, this will allow advertisers to place their ads alongside contextually relevant videos. Advertisers can choose exactly what context they want their videos ads to be in, whether it be the topic of the web page, the category of the website, the keywords used in the accompanying video or the brand of the video provider itself.

“Privacy has become the defining issue of our time in this industry,” says Betzalel. “Between the fall of the 3rd party cookie and the rising skepticism regarding user tracking, we had to adapt and provide a big solution for our demand partners. Contextual targeting is the only realistic solution to this problem that provides both highly focused targeting and respectful treatment of user privacy.”

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