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Everflow Releases SmartSwitch to Automate Optimization and Fraud Prevention for Performance and Partner Marketing

This feature allows marketers and brands to set deterministic rules for proactively optimizing partners and their sources based on those rules

Everflow, the cloud-based Partner Marketing Platform, announced the public release of their SmartSwitch feature. SmartSwitch allows marketers and agencies to automatically optimize all of their marketing channels whenever individual placements aren’t meeting their set rules.

Everflow has quickly grown to 200+ paying customers driving over 8B user clicks per month, from their bootstrapped launch in May of 2016. Everflow provides its customers with cross-environment tracking, deterministic anti-fraud tools, and the ability to drill down and compare any data point. Everflow experienced a massive advantage over their aging competitors due to their infrastructure being built on Google Cloud (Case Study from Google).  This infrastructure allows Everflow to handle the massive scale needed for mobile, which has been experiencing traffic growth of 79% year-over-year (Ericsson, 2018), and ability to instantly pull and compare data points using Google’s BigQuery.

SmartSwitch allows marketers to add auto optimization to their campaigns through clearly defined rules. For example, they can set up their campaigns to block any partner source that delivers 1000 users without driving any purchases, and automatically notify the partner about this blocking.  This allows the marketers to maintain their partner relationships, while automatically stopping the bad placements and sources that were hiding behind the partner’s other quality sources.  By automating actions against bad traffic sources, marketers no longer need to worry about those bad agents hurting both their advertiser and publisher relationships.

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SmartSwitch represents a fundamental shift for the industry by blocking fraud sources before they cause more damage. Especially for mobile, fraud runs rampant, which causes $1 out of every $3 spent on advertising to be lost (AdAge). The major anti-fraud solutions out there have focused their technology on probabilistic detection of unnatural traffic sources, and then providing alerts for marketers to manually deactivate sources.  With Everflow’s SmartSwitch, marketers can integrate those same anti-fraud providers, including Forensiq, or Mobile Measurement Partner’s anti-fraud detection from partners like Adjust, and then automate blocking the traffic sources as soon as questionable traffic is received. Automation on the granular source level offers the most proactive way to win the war against fraud.

“When we launched one of the first mobile affiliate networks, Moolah Media (which was sold to Opera Mediaworks), we constantly devoted time and resources towards fighting fraud and low quality traffic sources,” said Sam Darawish, CEO of Everflow. “We decided to start Everflow after seeing that none of the existing solutions had solved the problems of handling mobile’s rapid growth and the fraud that follows it.  Providing deeper analytics for optimizing traffic sources was the first step, and now with SmartSwitch marketers can automate the entire process, letting them completely stamp out fraud traffic.”

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“When creating Everflow’s infrastructure we had the massive advantage of being able to start on Google Cloud, combined with the foresight of our experiences building Moolah Media,” said Jonathan Blais, CTO of Everflow. “Using (Google Cloud’s) BigQuery technology, we’re able to offer immediate access to data, the ability to manipulate and compare those data points, and now with SmartSwitch the ability to make automatic decisions with that data.”

“As a former customer who joined Everflow after becoming a true believer in the product and culture, I’m incredibly excited for what SmartSwitch brings to the market,” says Michael Cole, Director of Marketing at Everflow. “The number one concern for Performance Marketers is how to stay ahead of bad and fraudulent marketing channels and sources.  SmartSwitch gives a better way to automatically stop these bad sources, while respecting and treating fairly the partners that they hide behind.”

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