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DMS Launches New Digital Advertising Technology To Support Latest Consumer Shopping Trends

DMS Exchange Supports Consumer Demand For Optionality By Intelligently Connecting Digital Advertisers & Publishers

Digital Media Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: DMS), an innovative global solutions provider of digital performance advertising and a connection point between digital advertising clients and their prospective customers, has noted that online comparison shopping has quickly become part of the “new normal” for consumers when making purchase decisions. In response to this new digital shopping trend, Digital Media Solutions has launched DMS Exchange to match high-intent consumers with the brands that provide the products and services they need. A vertical-agnostic, self-service digital advertising marketplace that connects digital advertisers with high-quality publishers at scale, DMS Exchange will help provide the optionality desired by today’s consumers across multiple industries.

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Advertising budgets have continued shifting from traditional to digital media, with many industry experts predicting the share of media budgets spent across digital channels will grow into 2021 and beyond. Particularly in light of the current global environment, brands are prioritizing digital performance advertising efforts that offer a linear connection between media spend and advertising results, enabling better calculation of advertising return on investment (ROI). DMS Exchange helps advertisers scale the types of digital performance advertising campaigns that offer transparent campaign visibility.

By leveraging automated filters, rules and configurations, DMS Exchange lets digital advertisers find ideal customers for their products and services. The proprietary DMS Exchange marketplace simplifies campaign management for digital advertisers by providing fast access to high-quality, vetted publishers while making it easy to optimize campaigns to achieve advertising objectives.

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Additional DMS Exchange capabilities include:

  • Access to the DMS database of 150 million consumers, which is leveraged to enhance campaign quality and advertiser conversion rates.
  • Functionality to let digital advertisers easily define their target audiences and their advertising budgets, instantly connecting them with high-intent consumers ready to take action.
  • A network of pre-approved publishers, letting advertisers quickly and accurately identify the highest-quality sources to scale their digital performance advertising campaigns.
  • A real-time performance feedback data loop to help advertisers and publishers optimize their digital performance advertising results and hone in on the campaigns that provide the most value.

“With the launch of DMS Exchange, DMS is developing SaaS technology to help advertisers quickly and easily connect with their target audiences at scale while providing a sophisticated platform to support the monetization efforts of high-quality publishers,” said Jason Rudolph, chief product officer for DMS. “DMS Exchange is a vertical-agnostic marketplace, but our initial recruitment efforts will focus on a handful of verticals, including Medicare, insurance, auto warranty and mortgage. We’re particularly excited to introduce DMS Exchange and its vast capabilities in time for the Medicare annual election period (AEP), which kicks off October 15 and the insurance open enrollment period, which begins November 1.”

The proprietary, end-to-end advertising technology suite, developed in-house at DMS, connects digital advertisers with publishers and tracks digital performance advertising data in real time, offering valuable insight into consumer behaviors and campaign performance. The DMS suite of proprietary and SaaS advertising technology, including DMS Exchange, helps digital advertisers manage complex customer acquisition campaigns, scaling digital advertising efforts while centralizing advertising data to enhance digital performance advertising campaign results and boost marketing ROI.

DMS is an innovative global solutions provider for omni-channel digital performance advertising. Focused on one-to-one consumer engagement, DMS acts as the connection point between advertising clients and their prospective customers, aligning DMS with the advertisers’ needs and de-risking spend.

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