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Varnish Software Adds Digital Element’s IP Intelligence for Localizing Content and Intelligently Managing Web Traffic

Streaming, News, Ecommerce and Gaming Services Can Now Provide Speedier, More Personalized Content Delivery Experiences

Digital Element, the global IP geolocation and audience insights leader, announced today that Varnish Software, a pioneer in high-performance content delivery, has integrated its NetAcuity® Pulse dataset into the company’s caching technology to enable ultra-high-speed delivery of personalized, location-based web content.

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@VarnishSoftware Adds @DigitalElement’s IP Intelligence for Localizing Content and Intelligently Managing Web Traffic #CDN #Streaming

Digital Element’s IP geolocation data will be incorporated into the Varnish Enterprise solution, a pioneering caching technology that puts content closer to users while protecting critical infrastructure from the effects of huge demand. As the leading caching technology stack for enterprise businesses, Varnish Enterprise brings unparalleled performance, resilience and flexibility to content delivery operations such as live streaming, video on demand and dynamic web pages. Varnish Enterprise powers content delivery and streaming for some of the world’s largest streaming services and websites, such as Hulu, Twitch, Tesla and Sky.

“Content providers are now catering to growing global audiences when delivering streaming, news, ecommerce and gaming services,” said Lars Larsson, CEO of Varnish Software. “This makes tailoring content to specific locations crucial for delivering the best web experiences for their users. Consumers cite slow and poor web performance as the key reasons they abandon websites, so by integrating the industry’s most accurate IP geolocation, we can offer more personalized location-specific content experiences while managing global web traffic levels more intelligently.”

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Statistics show meteoric growth forecasted for global content delivery network internet traffic until 2022. In 2020 alone, worldwide online CDN traffic is projected to reach 252 exabytes per month, up from 54 exabytes per month when compared with 2017.

“Regardless of device, consumers still expect rich online content, delivered in an engaging and personalized manner,” said Rob Friedman, executive vice president, Digital Element. “They want high-quality viewing and sound quality with no delays or buffering interruptions―a perfect content experience on every device, anytime and anywhere. Our IP data will give Varnish Software the necessary granular, location-based control over content delivery in order to provide new-found localization and personalization; enhanced analytics; and the ability to manage access and digital rights in line with national regulations and traffic patterns.”

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