InfraMomentum, a new IT analysis and consulting firm, today announced the release of its latest research on the adoption of private 5G products and services within the enterprise entitled “Private 5G Adoption Will Accelerate Faster Than Anticipated.”

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“it’s widely anticipated that enterprise IT staff will take a cautious approach when integrating new 4G/5G technology within production environments. They won’t.”

According to the InfraMomentum report, the emergence of 4G/5G private infrastructure products and services in 2022 will provide profound new opportunities for enterprises seeking to improve wireless performance, coverage, security and mobility to gain a competitive advantage over rivals.

“Enterprise interest in private 5G is growing at a pace faster than initially anticipated, despite what many within the industry consider to be major stumbling blocks to its adoption,” said Andrew Froehlich, Founder and Principal Analyst at InfraMomentum.

Forecasts for private 5G predict slower adoption rates for private cellular technology within the enterprise, pointing to the fact that many enterprise IT administrators have little to no experience operating cellular technologies.

“it’s widely anticipated that enterprise IT staff will take a cautious approach when integrating new 4G/5G technology within production environments. They won’t. Companies have told us that the urgency to supercharge business operations is now predicated on deploying a more deterministic wireless infrastructure,” Froehlich said.

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IT leaders view recent advancements in private cellular wireless as a key to business transformation and sets the stage for further strategic investments in other emerging technology fields such as mobile edge computing, IoT and AI.

Purpose-built 5G enterprise systems have been developed to overcome many of the limitations of existing best-effort enterprise wireless technologies. When coupled with shared spectrum frequencies in the CBRS band, private 5G/LTE will facilitate new business use cases and IT/OT convergence.

The latest InfraMomentum analysis of private 5G adoption by enterprises suggests that private 5G technology will see faster adoption compared to Wi-Fi as new cellular compatible devices and essential business applications requiring deterministic connectivity and mobility become commonplace.

According to the report, IT professionals now have a better handle on wireless deployments and use cases.

“IT staff are better at grasping scenarios where a private 5G network would be preferred over wired Ethernet – or even Wi-Fi,” said Froehlich. These include improvements in mobility, coverage/capacity, lower external interference, performance/latency guarantees and improvements in data security protection.

“Because of their familiarity with Wi-Fi, IT architects and decision makers are able to identify the benefits of private 5G faster, cutting down on the time it takes to determine whether the technology can meet expectations,” concluded Froehlich.

A detailed analysis of the findings is now publicly available in the research brief, “Private 5G Adoption will Accelerate Faster than Anticipated.” Visit InfraMomentum to download this free report.

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