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Grovo and Sandler Training Partner to Bring Modern Microlearning to Global Sales Enablement Industry

Microlearning leader Grovo chosen by Sandler Training as exclusive partner to deliver easy-to-consume microlearning format of Sandler’s renowned sales enablement training

Grovo, the world’s leading Microlearning solution, and Sandler Training, the premier sales development provider, today announced an exclusive partnership to deliver Sandler’s leading sales enablement training content as Grovo Microlearning® lessons. The partnership will offer a significant modernization of the multi-billion dollar global sales enablement industry, allowing Sandler Training and Grovo customers to learn from industry-leading sales and management training delivered in Grovo’s proven Microlearning lesson format. As a result, sales teams will be able to benefit from targeted and continuous training, available exclusively from Grovo and Sandler Training, that equips them to maximize their top line results.

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“Sandler trains over 30,000 people each year, who consume content differently at different times, and we have seen a growing demand for short, concise lessons,” said David Mattson, CEO and president of Sandler Training. “Grovo is known as the leader in Microlearning, so they were a natural choice for us. We are excited to partner with Grovo to create Microlearning modules which will provide critical information to these learners that is relevant and immediately applicable.”

With a global network of more than 250 training sites in over 25 countries, Sandler Training currently provides leading sales enablement and management development content. Recognized as the best provider of sales development training, Sandler’s highly successful sales and management trainers impart their knowledge and expertise through over 475,000 training hours every year.

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Meanwhile, businesses deploy Grovo because it provides employees with a modern, impact-driven learning library based on the proprietary Grovo Microlearning® framework, which offers employees single-concept lessons that are immediately relevant and applicable to their work, enabling them to effectively learn and adopt new skills and mindsets.

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Through this partnership, Sandler Training’s renowned sales enablement and management training content will soon be delivered in Grovo’s Microlearning format and available exclusively to customers of the two companies.

“The best modern workplace learning has both the highest-quality content and the most effective delivery of that content,” said Steven Carpenter, CEO at Grovo. “The Sandler Training sales training methodology is globally-renowned, and by turning it into Grovo Microlearning® lessons, sales professionals across all businesses can now benefit from enablement that fits into their flow of work. We’re thrilled to partner with Sandler to bring this first-of-its-kind sales enablement Microlearning to the market.”

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