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How E-Signing Solutions are Empowering Sales Force with Digitization and Agility

As sales teams rapidly move ahead with automation and digitization efforts, there is one key aspect of Sales Automation that still needs a bit of work — the e-signature process. Between 2012 and 2017, sales teams used e-signature solutions for various legal processes 20,000 million times! With hundreds of e-signature solutions available in the market, there is only a handful of platforms that actually integrate with the existing Sales Technology stack. However, a stroke of automation in the e-signing process can further help Salesforce teams sell faster and communicate quickly, ensuring increased closure rates.

While six of ten Salesforce professionals could be using an e-signature solution for electronic document signing, the rest are still oriented to opt for wet-ink processes — as it’s the conventional way and often considered ‘safe, legally binding‘. In the fast-changing world of e-signatures and contract management solutions, here are five absolutely Sales-friendly reasons to invest in e-signing solutions for eContract.

In this article, we suggest some really cool applications offered by the leading e-signature product and solution providers.

Cloud and On-Premise e-Signature Offers

Agree or not, customers using e-signature solutions are most worried about their costs associated with the maintenance services. These usually include services in support, feature updates, upgrades, application deployment, mobile interface and database updates. As the Sales Technology applications move to Cloud for safer frameworks, it’s mostly offered on free-to-host services on the Cloud. With Cloud-based solutions, you can multiply the pace of your e-contract document workflow with tools for automating the signing process, the collection of data, and management of sales contracts and business documents that directly flow into your existing data management platforms, including the CRM.

Reason: Cloud deployment for electronic document signing offers faster services and resolution, in addition to the ubiquitous customer experience.

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Enhanced Proposals with Customized Greetings

Wherever email documents fail, e-signature and eContract proposals excel. It’s so easy to get started with e-signature proposals and applications instead of an email. With an e-signature app such as GetAccept, you can actually view a personalized video of an operational assessment about your contract status. Using a powerful, automated e-signing solution, Sales Technology customers can see their entire ‘Sent Contract’ status as is, including a real-time update every time the recipient opens and interacts with the contract. Additionally, you can also send personalized electronic document signing and proposals with video content that helps you stand out from the crowd of deals that usually land into a Salesforce account.

How E-Signing Solutions are Empowering Sales Force with Digitization and Agility
Infographic [Why SalesTech Users Need E-Signing Solutions]
The real deal is when you can actually accept 100% closure on all your contracts and deals sent via e-signing platforms.

Analyze Your Sales and Invoicing at the Flick of a Click

Top e-signing platforms provide e-signature apps for Business Intelligence and Data Visualization features to generate real-time reports on where your sales invoices and contracts exist. With the flick of a click, sales teams can track the entire channel of contract payments and follow-up with an automated response to the pending ones. The fast updates from e-signed contracts and invoices also help to reconcile with your bank transactions, providing 100% transparency during accounting and auditing processes.

Send Contracts from your Mobile

Yes, that’s true. Most e-singing solution providers now offer mobility as their feature for smartphone users. This amplifies operational efficiency many times over, enabling sales teams to fully execute every contract online — directly from the mobile app and website. Top players in the e-signing business offer feature integrations with the world’s leading CRM and Automation platforms, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, and so on. This extends to a custom API and a focused set of business premium features that makes drag-and-drop facility and remote signing a cakewalk — something every salesperson finds delight in leveraging.

Don’t Forego Peace of Mind: You have an eWitness (a Unique and Limited Feature)

Unique features in the e-signature apps such as eWitness, are fast catching up with the legal framework set for the industry. Companies such as Legalsign offer this unique facility as one of their primary features. By leveraging eWitness, sales teams can get things to move faster and without losing the trust of their recipients.

For those who are worried about the security and trustworthiness of e-signing contracts and related platforms, you could download the legal documents from the respective websites. Next time you think about signing on the dotted line, let the e-signing solutions gently surprise you with their ground-breaking technology and ease of use.

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