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SeneGence International Unveils New Sales App With Verb’s Interactive Video Features

VERB Technology Company, Inc., a leader in business-focused interactive video sales and marketing applications and the pioneer of Augmented Sales Intelligence software, announced that its customer, SeneGence International, a recognized, international leader in the cosmetics industry, released the latest version of their SeneBiz app that now includes Verb’s interactive tagg video features and functionality.

SeneGence unveiled their new SeneBiz app with Verb’s interactive video feature at their Evolve Seminar event, held April 11-14 at their Tulsa, OK headquarters while live-streaming to their distributors in Australia and Canada. The SeneBiz app is powered by the VerbCRM platform.

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Verb’s interactive video feature allows SeneGence’s network of independent distributors to create their own custom video content. Distributors can augment video content with clickable ‘taggs’ that encourage prospective customers to interact with the video content, directing viewers to social media sites, enrollment sites, as well as email and phone call portals.

“The new interactive video feature allows our Independent Distributors to connect and engage in new ways like never before in relationship marketing,” stated Kirsten Aguilar, SeneGence’s Executive Vice President of Global Marketing. “We are excited to see this technology push SeneGence’s world class beauty products to new heights.”

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“We are pleased to provide SeneGence with our industry leading sales technology,” stated Rory J. Cutaia, CEO of VERB.  “The collaboration between our Utah and California-based Verb teams is delivering measurable results for our clients, customers, and stockholders. The level of innovation they are delivering is taking the entire industry by storm.”

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