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Sysdig Achieves AWS Outposts Ready Designation

Sysdig allows organizations to embed security and monitoring into a secure DevOps workflow across hybrid cloud environments

Sysdig, Inc., a secure DevOps leader, announced today that it has achieved the AWS Outposts Ready designation, part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Service Ready Program. This designation recognizes that Sysdig has demonstrated successful integration with AWS Outposts deployments. AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools to virtually any datacenter, co-location space, or on-premises facility for a truly consistent hybrid experience. Sysdig addresses key security, compliance, and availability requirements for organizations operating Kubernetes and containers, including hybrid-cloud environments.

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Today @sysdig joins @AWSCloud as a launch partner for AWS Outposts. Sysdig addresses key security, compliance and availability requirements for organizations operating Kubernetes and containers, including hybrid-cloud environments.

Complexities of operating hybrid environments

Organizations recognize the advantages that come with cloud native and are rapidly moving to containers and Kubernetes to accelerate innovation. However, some organizations choose to operate subsets of their applications in data centers. With AWS Outposts, Sysdig allows organizations to embed security, validate compliance, and maximize availability across their entire infrastructure.

Achieving the AWS Outposts Ready designation differentiates Sysdig as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member with a product fully tested on AWS Outposts. AWS Outposts Ready products are generally available and supported for AWS customers, with clear deployment documentation for AWS Outposts. AWS Service Ready Partners have demonstrated success building products integrated with AWS services, helping AWS customers evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale and varying levels of complexity.

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“Many companies are reinventing their application and operations models by leveraging containers,” said Joshua Burgin, General Manager, AWS Outposts, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “We are delighted to welcome Sysdig to the AWS Outposts Ready Program. Their products can help customers deploy, secure, and monitor their container workloads operating on their infrastructure, on AWS Outposts, or in AWS Regions, for a truly consistent hybrid experience.”

Sysdig secures and monitors AWS Outposts and hybrid clouds

The Sysdig Secure DevOps Platform provides organizations a SaaS-first platform to address critical security, compliance, and monitoring functions, allowing them to ship cloud applications faster. The Sysdig Platform delivers image scanning, Kubernetes and container monitoring, application and cloud service monitoring, runtime security, compliance, threat detection and prevention, and incident response and forensics at scale.

Sysdig collects and correlates granular data from infrastructure, services, and applications and contextualizes it with Kubernetes and AWS service data to provide a consistent, single view of the entire infrastructure. Without a macro view of the environment, it can be difficult to anticipate issues with microservices that have cross-platform dependencies. In the event of an issue, having system-wide visibility can facilitate quicker resolutions.

“Sysdig provides visibility and security for AWS container and Kubernetes environments,” said Phil Williams, VP of Corporate Development and Alliances. “Cloud teams need a consistent approach to security, compliance, and monitoring that enables them to implement a secure DevOps workflow. Joining AWS Outposts as a launch partner gives AWS customers a unified solution and the confidence that Sysdig has been rigorously tested and proven.”

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