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Revelstoke Launches Next Generation SOAR Solution To Automate Security Operations Centers


Revelstoke launched today to offer Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and security analysts a next-generation Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solution built on a Unified Data Layer that automates analysis, eliminates software development needs, optimizes workflows, prevents vendor lock, scales processes, and gets to the root of incidents quickly and effectively.

Automating Security Operations Centers (SOCs) has been more complicated than anticipated. There is no current solution that truly eliminates the burden of coding. Security analysts are distracted from focusing on the most impactful threats to their organization, and staffing, incident response, and cyber security challenges are overburdening CISOs.

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Revelstoke tackles the day-to-day challenges faced in today’s SOCs:

  • Balancing Need for Automation and Customization – CISOs and SOC analysts still require the ability to customize integrations. Revelstoke’s no-code/low-code solution allows CISOs to automate what they want but provides the flexibility to still customize when desired.
  • Vendor Lock — Every technology product has a shelf-life, and CISOs should have the freedom to deploy new technologies without the fear of downtime and budget-busting integration costs. Revelstoke’s patent-pending Unified Data Layer connects to almost any API, enabling flexibility to change vendors with limited transition time and low-to-no code.
  • Staffing Shortages — Revelstoke is built differently with a unified data layer that eliminates nearly all coding requirements and creates the flexibility to integrate anything and automate everything. The platform reduces repetitive tasks that drain personnel resources & bore your security team to tears, makes changes on the fly with dynamically populated layouts, and investigates and responds to incidents in minutes.
  • Firehose of Data and Unlimited Threats — Cloud-native architecture delivers extreme scalability as well as enhanced flexibility. Machine learning provides the needed processing power to build powerful automated models for various aspects of the system (playbooks, verdicts, etc.).
  • Inconsistent Processes Across the Enterprise — No-code/low-code playbooks automate information gathering, escalations, closures, and postmortem reporting to improve workflow efficiency and reduce caseload.
  • Quantifying Impact — Actionable, real-time insight that empowers the entire team from the SOC analyst to the CISO with the information needed to make smarter decisions. Dashboards measure security team impact in quantifiable terms to include time savings delivered by automation and cost savings for specific workflows.

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“As a CISO, I’m always concerned about how many engineers it will take to support a solution. Revelstoke’s platform approach to pre-creating integrations is great, hides the complexity, and enables features like easy drag and drop that makes it simple for analysts,” said Frank Kim, fellow at the SANS Institute. “Increasing the number of integrations, keeping them up to date, and including data via APIs [Application Program Interfaces] that support new workflows/use cases are key to creating a solution that is curated and maintained, not by us, but for us.”

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