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Tech Startup Prometheos Launches Beta Test of New Cyber-Threat Intelligence Suite

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The Suite empowers people to proactively identify threats and reduce the risk of future hacks, leveraging artificial intelligence and data.

The number of cyber attacks on United States public and private sectors is on the increase, creating a constant sense of unease for small to medium business owners who don’t have the resources to employ cyber security professionals. Cyber attacks can be devastating, often resulting in computers being disabled and the destruction of important data. Cybercriminals use a variety of methods to launch their attacks, including malware, phishing, ransomware and denial-of-service, all of which lead to major service interruptions and huge financial losses.

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On a mission to put an end to these vicious attacks, Prometheos Limited Company, a Houston-based tech startup, has launched a beta test of its Cyber-Threat Intelligence Suite. The Suite helps people to proactively identify threats and reduces their risk by providing insights and indicators, leveraging AI and data.

“As a startup with less than a year in the market, we are excited to achieve this milestone in our roadmap from a product delivery standpoint,” says Julia Smith, Public and Investor Relations Spokesperson. “We are also delighted by the positive feedback we are receiving from partners and prospective customers on the value the Suite will bring to the market. That feedback is helping shape upcoming features to maximize the value for our customers as we become part of their cyber-security ecosystem.”

The Prometheos Cyber Threat Intelligence Suite allows users to become proactively aware of phishing by means of several unique features. It analyzes senders and provides insights that helps users identify potential impersonators, compromised accounts and bot attacks, thus empowering the “Human Firewall” beyond the spam filters and infrastructure protections that currently exist.

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