Orca Security, the cloud security innovation leader, announced that it has launched a new video podcast called Cloud Security Reinvented that is hosted by Andy Ellis, the CSO Hall of Famer and Advisory CISO for the company. Ellis interviews security leaders from across industries who are leading cloud transformations and the next frontier of security, while discussing the insights they have drawn from successful careers. Cloud Security Reinvented’s first episodes include lively conversations with CISOs from United Airlines, Sisense, Druva, Redox, Lemonade, and more.

Cloud Security Reinvented is a video podcast for security leaders who oversee or manage the cloud security infrastructure within their organizations. Each episode provides a day in the life of a successful security leader with an interesting perspective to share on cloud security. Security professionals will hear directly from their peers about the ongoing trials and tribulations of maintaining a strong security posture and how they disconnect from it all at the end of the day.

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“I’m excited to interview top cloud security leaders to discuss key insights on how they are protecting and advancing cloud security initiatives within their organizations,” said Andy Ellis, Advisory CISO of Orca Security. “We aim to make Cloud Security Reinvented the premier destination for security leadership, industry trends, and practical knowledge for cloud transformations and career advancement.”

The Voices of Cloud Security Leadership

With Cloud Security Reinvented, Orca Security focuses on being a guide for cloud security professionals who want to continue to advance their expertise and become even better leaders for their cloud security initiatives and teams. Andy Ellis showcases interviews with professionals who are leveraging the power of technology to manage cloud security infrastructure. Guests include tech leaders with experience managing enterprise and cloud infrastructure such as CISOs, CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, Orca Security partners, and more.

Orca Security is always seeking future guests for Cloud Security Reinvented. Interested guests can submit podcast ideas and share information on their backgrounds and credentials here.

Cloud Security Reinvented Episodes

●    The Challenges and Stress of Being a CSO with Ty Sbano, Sisense

Ty Sbano is the chief security and trust officer at Sisense. His career journey has been rewarding and interesting and helped determine his end goal: becoming a CSO. However, being a CSO can be stressful, which is why Ty suggests that one must be ready for the stress before committing to cybersecurity. In this episode, Ty Sbano and Andy Ellis have an insightful conversation about the basic concepts of cloud security, data analytics, risk management, and other essential career aspects future CSOs will find incredibly helpful.

●    How to Provide Strong Leadership in the Security Industry with Drew Daniels, CIO and CISO at Druva

When it comes to information security and technology, Drew Daniels is the person to talk to. With more than two decades of industry experience, Drew leads information technology and security as both the CIO and CISO at Druva. Drew believes that information security can be a business driver and is critically important for strong leadership. Having been in the industry since before cloud computing, he is also knowledgeable about the best pre and post-cloud practices. However, despite this deep expertise, Drew is still not a stranger to struggles at work.

●    Uncovering the Changes Cloud Technologies Have Sparked in the Airline Industry with Deneen DeFiore, VP and CISO at United Airlines

Most people agree that the cloud era has taken business processes to a whole new level. There are many opportunities for organizations, including airlines, to take advantage of cloud capabilities. In this episode, Deneen DeFiore, the VP and CISO at United Airlines, talks about the importance of using cloud technologies and shares her thoughts about the future of technology in general. Deneen and Andy Ellis also discuss the best and worst practices from the pre-cloud era, emphasizing the importance of Identity and Access Management.

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●    Why We Should Embrace Automation to Improve Security with Jonathan Jaffe, CISO at Lemonade

Cloud computing is changing the world as we know it, so what impact does it have on the world of security? Jonathan Jaffe is the CISO at Lemonade, a full-service consumer insurance company powered by machine learning and behavioral economics. In this episode, Jonathan and Andy Ellis discuss how the world has changed since the rise of technology and the prevalence of the cloud. They also talk about growth opportunities in the security industry and the power of automation.

●    Healthcare has a lot of Potential When it Comes to Embracing Technology with Ben Waugh, CSO at Redox

Most businesses have switched to cloud infrastructure, but what about healthcare? Meet Ben Waugh, the CSO at Redox, a cloud-native medical platform for building healthcare applications. Throughout his career, Ben has been helping organizations migrate to the cloud. Ben’s conversation with Andy provides insights into the role of the cloud in highly regulated industries like healthcare, where on-prem technology still rules.

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