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How to Effectively Generate Lead on Social Media?

LinkedIn studies say that around 76 % of buyers are ready to have a conversation with you on social media. This must come as good news to marketers waiting to make the best out of social media. By now it is clear that the response rate for cold calls is poorer compared to the approaches on social media. Once you identify the right social media platform for your campaign, you start with the following.

1. Develop, Drop Links to Your Gated Content

To have high quality gated content such as white papers, videos and articles would boost your prospects in Lead Generation. That way you can manage to collect the details like name, email address and job description of the best of your potential customers.

2. Make an Awesome Landing Page

If in case, you have no gated content it’s important to have a lucrative landing page. Several players like Landbot and Unbounce can help marketers create landing pages that will help improve your conversion rate massively. A well-developed Facebook page of your company can be used to promote these landing pages.

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3. Start Catchy Contests

Social media contests are an effective way to generate lead. The contestants not only share their details with marketers but they tend to drag in their friends and followers on social media. Most contests require people to like, share and tag the contest itself.

4. Discounts and Offers

Offering discounts in collaboration with energetic partners can generate quality lead data. These kinds of campaign add to the recall value of people who participates in it. A study by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research shows that 66 %of the US millennials follow brands on social media pages to avail discount coupons.

5. Refer a Friend, Is the Way to Go

According to studies by Nielsen, 92% of buyers believe in the recommendations made by friends and family. Give offers than might interest the person referring it and the end target alike.

6. Social Media Advertising

Facebook has been offering lead generation advertisement options for marketers since the past several years. Now Twitter and LinkedIn also offer options for such advertisement.

The dashboards of Ad Manager allow the marketers to customize the features they can use to target customers and manage the budgeting. Much similar to the normal sponsored advertisement the user will have to click and they are immediately redirected to forms submissions.

7.Webinars and Live Video

The chances of converting lead could be high if the topics of webinars have the potential to be closer to the heart of your potential target. It is not new knowledge that the actual number of people who register for the webinar will be much lesser than the people who would actually attend it.

Yet webinar offers a win-win situation for marketers and those who register for it. They can get hold of the e-mails and details of those want to attend webinars.

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8. Polls and Surveys

Surveys, the oldest tool used in Email Marketing can also be put to good used in Social Media Marketing. Polls and surveys can provide you valuable insight on how people use your products and similar ones. You can identify the qualities of product you need to play up and the pain points you need to play down. Additionally, it lends you an ear into the ground.

9. Cultivate, Incentivize Influencers

Photo and video-based social media platforms like Instagram are filled with influencer campaigns. Giving free product and positive reinforcement to influencers based on their performances can help with the lead generation on social media.

For instance, Sony which wanted to promote its new headphones encouraged influencers and users to post one image a day with the hashtag Sony. Daily, a winners was given $50 coupon for the headphones and the campaign became a big hit.


As per Facebook, there are around 50 million small businesses using Facebook Pages to keep in touch with their customers. Of these, lead generation and development were the primary purposes for B2B professionals to use social media in business. Pick and mix the right social media strategies to be successful in generating more leads.

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