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Tidal Commerce Launches the ROI Webinar Series to Help Merchants Get the Most Out of Their Ecommerce Operations

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The ROI Webinars will help eCommerce merchants grow revenues, retain customers and improve margins with pragmatic growth strategies and proven solutions.

Ecommerce merchants are facing stronger headwinds putting margins under significant pressure.

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There are multiple forces at play:
1. First, competition has gotten more intense, giving online shoppers more choices of substitutes from an ever-growing number of retailers and channels.
2. Second, privacy concerns, regulatory laws, and loss of third-party cookies make it challenging to track and understand buyer behaviour despite shoppers seeking more personalization.
3. Third, digital advertising performance has declined by over 50%, making it more expensive to attract traffic. To make matters worse average conversion rates are now at a new low of 2.17% (Statistica).

Conversion rates and profit margins in eCommerce are at an all-time low! The ROI Webinar series presents proven solutions to help merchants grow their eCommerce revenues without breaking the bank.”

— Aziz Memon, Partner, Head of Strategy & Marketing at Tidal.

“It is a perfect storm for online sellers– acquisition, conversion, and retention are getting harder. While merchants can’t control the environment, there are proven solutions that can help improve conversion rate, increase the transaction value, reduce returns, and retain customers. The ROI Webinar series will bring proven growth strategies and solutions for commerce,” says Dennis Gorya, Founding Partner and Chief Commercial Officer at Tidal Commerce

Whether it is improving conversion rates by personalizing customer experience via homepage segmentation, advanced search feature, ai based product recommendations, back-in-stock notification, pre-order applications, Q&A, customer reviews, real-time shipping rates, live chat and easy return management and exchange solutions.
Or increasing transaction values with cart upsell and cross-sell and recovering abandoned carts with discounts and promotions, or improving retention with customer service and loyalty rewards.

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“There are practical solutions and integrations to help merchants grow revenue and improve profit margins without breaking the bank. Every webinar in the ROI series will focus on one solution presented by an expert in their field,” says Aziz Memon, Partner and chief strategy and marketing officer at Tidal Commerce.

The ROI Webinar Schedule:
1) The first ROI webinar in the series focuses on SMS marketing and how SMS can become one of your top three revenue channels.
Drive your online revenue with SMS Live webinar on Wednesday, April 6, 2022, @ 1 PM (EST).

2) The second webinar in the ROI series will demonstrate how Headless Frontend technology can enhance customer experience, support personalization and increase page load speeds resulting in higher conversion rates.

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