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Datavault Inks Groundbreaking Deals With Hundreds Of Churches To Create New Revenue Streams With Data

Data Vault Holdings

Datavault monetizes faith based and nonprofit institutions’ data to increase the yield of donations for religious organizations

Data Vault Holdings, Inc., leading the way in tokenomics and metaverse data visualization, valuation, and monetization, announces a deal with 100+ churches as part of the launch of its Datavault® for Churches platform through its subsidiary Data Donate Technologies(DDT™). Under these contracts, Datavault® enables parishioners and donors to contribute to faith based and non-for-profit organizations through their data assets. In doing so, data is turned into new income for non-profit organizations, businesses, and individuals.

“Datavault’s platform provides a safe and secure data solution for challenges that many churches face today. Our platform will consolidate, valuate, and visualize data so that pastors and their congregations can access the rich possibilities within the metaverse.  Additionally, when we practice prayer, we also must practice data security. We often pray about private and meaningful matters in our lives making cybersecurity paramount in these communications. Technology and data will enable a more secure, impactful, organized, and sustainable future for religious organizations,” says Nathaniel Bradley, co-founder and CEO of Data Vault Holdings.

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Datavault® is powered using blockchain technology, meaning the information is protected and ownership is guaranteed. The platform’s technology will provide churches with the tools to address issues such as a lack of data security, difficulty partnering with charities,and decreased church attendance and tithing. Additionally, Datavault® will also help churches to better manage their data.

“The Datavault® platform will empower church leaders and give them control over what is already theirs. Datavault® will give us the tools to secure our own data and increase its value. Through this platform, churches have a bonafide opportunity to create value. Charitable giving in the U.S. reached a record $471.44 billion in 2020, as individual Americans, corporations, and foundations made contributions in response to Covid-19 pandemic and racial justice efforts1. Data donation technologies will allow us all to give more,” says Dr. Darrell Scott, co-founder and pastor of New Spirit Revival Center, based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Datavault’s patented platform will allow church partners to address their present and future operational needs. Datavault® also offers:

  • Mobile donations
  • 3D multimedia data visualization
  • Cross-referencing church data with datasets from other organizations and across religious organizations
  • Buying, selling, and trading data on the Information Data Exchange®
  • Partnership and sponsorship opportunities with charities and other non-profit organizations
  • An ability to grow community profiles

Churches can create NFTs through the Datavault® platform and mint unique digital assets from art, GIFs, collectibles, music, and sermons, for example. Church goers can also create income for themselves by donating personal data through surveys and by connecting their social media accounts to Datavault®. Different from Big Tech, which sells personal data to third-parties, Datavault® instead provides its users the patented platform to buy, sell, and trade data for their own individual revenues.

“We created Datavault® to help non-profit organizations utilize our patented data donation platform as a simple and creative way to increase cash flow without additional overhead costs. Our vision is to create one of the greatest givebacks in history. This partnership takes us back to our altruistic roots and helps to empower churches using the data that they already have,” says Alfred Blair Blaikie III, President and co-founder of Data Donate Technologies.

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