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SetSail’s Cross-Industry Analysis Finds That 73% of Near-Term Sales Opportunities Have No Recent Activity Logged in Salesforce

Analysis reveals that sales leaders have no visibility into the overwhelming majority of their most urgent deals, meaning they can’t focus their coaching effectively – leaving their forecasted deals at risk.

SetSail, the sales data platform that helps revenue teams do what wins, today released major findings from its recent study of Salesforce activity data. The analysis shows that the average Salesforce instance is missing huge amounts of basic data like emails and meetings, and the problem is particularly acute for near-term opportunities.

“When an opportunity is forecasted to close soon, it’s vital that sales leadership is confident in the path to winning. But without accurate, current, and complete sales data about the interactions between the rep and prospective customer, sales leaders are flying blind,” said Peter Mollins, Chief Marketing Officer at SetSail.

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“Without accurate, current, and complete sales data about the interactions between the rep and prospective customer, sales leaders are flying blind.” -Peter Mollins, CMO at SetSail.”

The problem of missing activity data starts with individual reps. According to SetSail’s analysis of active users in Salesforce:

  • 51% have no emails logged in the past two weeks
  • 53% have no meetings logged in the past two weeks

Missing data is especially prominent — and problematic — for opportunities closing soon or past due. In opportunities that are closing in the next 60 days or are 60 days past due:

  • 73% have no related emails in the past month
  • 88% have no related meetings in the past month

In addition, the majority of those opportunities are missing contacts:

  • 51% only have one contact
  • 36% have zero contacts

The data was gathered anonymously and in aggregate via SetSail’s CRM Health Grader. The technology analyzed 6.1 million accounts, 43,000 opportunities, 2.8 million contacts, 2.7 million emails, and 293,000 meetings to get these findings. CRM Health Grader is a free browser-based tool that allows users to securely scan their Salesforce instance, analyze missing CRM data, and receive a report showing the user’s highest priority data challenges. The data is anonymized and aggregated, which helps SetSail create and maintain benchmarks for CRM health.

The CRM Health Grader is available now, for free, and generates its reports in seconds so you can immediately see how much activity data you might be missing.

By understanding where missing data exists in their Salesforce, sales leaders can prioritize the automated capture of critical sales activity information. Equipped with this data, they can better guide their reps in order to close more deals and exceed their forecast.

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