yellowHEAD (, the AI-powered performance marketing company, announced today the launch of its proprietary creative insights platform, Alison, as a SaaS solution now available for all brands and performance marketers. Utilized by yellowHEAD’s expert design team and campaign managers internally since 2017, Alison provides AI-driven insights to help analyze, ideate and optimize ad creative for maximum performance. The company also announced a groundbreaking new Competitive Intelligence feature that enables Alison to provide advertisers with data and insights on the performance of creative within their competitor’s ad campaigns.

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Alison combines computer vision technology and machine learning algorithms to help advertisers understand which creative elements drive the best performance for ad campaigns across Facebook, Google, Snapchat and other channels. By analyzing dozens of parameters from an advertisement’s creative, such as characters, imagery, color, copy, sound and more, Alison enables advertisers to understand which elements work best based on full-funnel campaign metrics including click-through rates, conversions, cost per action, first-time-deposit rate, and overall ROI.

The SaaS version comes with a rich feature set including:

  • Element Identification: A combination of human intelligence and computer vision technology enables Alison to accurately identify unique creative elements such as characters, colors, music, text and much more.
  • Intelligent Recommendations: Alison delivers immediate and actionable recommendations on which creative elements to include in ad campaigns in order to achieve custom KPIs based on placement, geography, and other factors.
  • Smart Creative Analysis: Advertisers can easily analyze the performance of ad creative and associated elements to gain detailed insights across thousands of ads and various placements and countries.
  • Full-Funnel Data: Alison shows advertisers how specific creative elements affect both upper- and lower-funnel KPIs such as click-through rates, install conversions, cost per install, first-time-deposit rates, ROI and more.
  • Fatigue Detection: Advertisers can see how each creative performed on a weekly timeline based on any KPI and identify when audiences tire of seeing specific ads by tracking for campaign fatigue across channels and platforms.

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Also available in the SaaS version of Alison are new Competitive Intelligence reports that use publicly available data to shed light on the ad creative employed by a company’s competitors in relation to their own campaign performance. Marketers can drill down to learn details about their competitor’s ad creative including worldwide impressions, formats, ad sizes, video length, platforms, countries and more, so that advertisers can understand the performance of not only their competitor’s top creative assets but the specific elements within them. Access to these details, which are only now available to marketers at this level of detail for the first time, enables them to dissect their competitor’s creative strategy and gain new ideas to help with their own creative ideation and design processes.

Ads created by Alison have proven to generate more than two times the return on investment than ads created through traditional means.

“Creative optimization is perhaps the most important aspect of our user acquisition strategy in this day and age,” said Maria Waters, Head of Conversion Optimization at Zynga, which was among the first advertisers to test Alison’s SaaS platform. “Having access to Alison and its deep creative insights gives us a very clear understanding of which creative elements resonate most deeply with our target audiences so that we can optimize campaign performance throughout the entire marketing funnel. What’s more, we can use Alison to inform our whole creative approach and design new and improved creative that we know will impact all of our key performance metrics very positively.”

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