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S&P Global’s AI Innovation Hub, Kensho, Launches Advanced Machine Transcription Tool for Business and Financial Audio

Kensho Technology’s newly released transcription service, Scribe, unlocks valuable but hard-to-find information in audio files by making near-perfect transcription of business and financial audio fast, affordable and remarkably accurate.

Kensho Technologies, the AI Innovation hub for S&P Global, announced that its machine transcription service, Scribe, will now be publicly available for commercial use. Scribe’s machine learning models were trained on a corpus of over 100,000 hours of financial audio, making it significantly more accurate for business and industry-specific jargon, product and company names, numbers and currencies, and heavily accented speech.

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“Our engineering team built Scribe with messy, real-world financial and business audio in mind, the kind of audio that traditional machine transcription services often struggle with,” said Keenan Freyberg, Product Owner for Kensho Scribe.

Scribe consistently transcribes business and financial audio with near-perfect accuracy, and the product has already been used to transcribe the equivalent of more than 10 years of audio, including 50,000 calls. Because information contained in audio files is so hard to search, locate, retrieve and analyze, Scribe’s transcription service offers a fast and affordable solution for transforming unwieldy audio into usable, structured data. Clients are using Scribe to create closed captions on videos to adhere to ADA guidelines, transcribe call center audio, interviews, earnings calls and voicemails for business operations, and using transcription to meet other compliance regulations.

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Scribe is available for one-off use via a web interface as well as via an API for integration into other services. It can be used to increase efficiency in existing financial and business workflows by automating parts of the process that require transcription.

Scribe is part of Kensho’s data pipeline, made up of innovative machine learning and data discovery tools built by Kensho Technologies. The pipeline includes foundational AI services for data ingestion and management, table and text extraction, entity recognition, resolution and disambiguation, acoustic, semantic and language modeling, and document discovery. Together, these services solve some of the most difficult challenges facing businesses today by transforming massive amounts of unstructured data into meaningful business insights, giving users comprehensive, timely, actionable intelligence for making decisions with conviction.

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