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Showpad Announces New AI Capabilities to Help Sellers Become Trusted Advisors to Increasingly Knowledgeable Buyers

Showpad’s AI capabilities enable customer-facing teams to deliver highly tailored, value-driven experiences that build trust and drive revenue

Showpad, the global leader in sales and revenue enablement technology, has announced new cutting-edge AI capabilities. The innovations are designed to help marketing and enablement teams deliver new content and resources more efficiently, and empower sales teams to access quick answers and build the skills to sell more effectively. This ensures that sellers are equipped to add meaningful value during every interaction.

For decades buyers have had information readily accessible to them online—starting with corporate websites and extending to community forums and product review publications. But the rise of generative AI technology has made it easier for buyers to access this information. Paired together, the buying experience is changing rapidly and forcing the role of the seller to continue to evolve. Sellers can no longer just be a source of information. They must help prospects and customers make sense of information in the context of their business and the specific challenges they’re facing which requires more time and effort on the seller’s part. But just as AI is making it easier for buyers to access information to inform their purchasing decisions, it’s also helping sellers add more value during the sales process to build buyer trust and confidence.

“Showpad is leveraging AI to improve how sales and marketing teams partner together in pursuit of a shared goal—closing more deals,” said Tony Grout, Chief Product Officer at Showpad. “It enables sellers to focus more time on what truly matters—bringing meaningful value to each buyer interaction. This means tailoring information and how sellers engage with buyers based on their unique needs. And ensuring that every conversation is empathetic and authentic to build trust with buyers.”

Showpad is embedding AI throughout the product experience, augmenting existing capabilities that help sellers drive better conversations, relieve time-consuming administrative tasks, and empower more effective decision-making.

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New capabilities available to Showpad customers include:

  • PitchAI: Provides sellers with real-time, actionable feedback on recorded sales pitches to improve pitch quality based on pace, silences, body language and friendliness. Instant feedback on verbal and nonverbal communication helps sellers deliver high-quality pitches to win more deals and relieves the burden on sales managers to provide feedback on pitch delivery at scale.
  • AI-powered search: Acts as a smart assistant that surfaces quick answers and enriches search results with relevant context and information, reducing sellers’ time spent searching for the information they need to communicate with buyers more effectively.
  • AI-powered test questions: Streamlines the process of creating training materials for sellers by automatically suggesting relevant test questions by selecting text in an asset, helping enablement teams quickly scale their sales readiness programs and create more efficient training that delivers results for their organizations.
  • AI-powered asset summaries: Automatically summarizes key learnings from a piece of content to help reps find the information and insights they need at a glance, empowering sellers to deliver information to buyers in an organized and efficient way without requiring any hands-on context from marketing or enablement teams.
  • Question-based learning dashboards: Builds upon the release of Showpad’s all-new approach to sales enablement insights with the delivery of three new dashboards designed to provide focused answers to enablement teams’ most pertinent questions. The new dashboards are designed to help enablement leaders measure their impact more concretely and connect enablement activities to business outcomes. New insights available this quarter draw on user-level deal data to demonstrate how learning programs are influencing time to first deal, total revenue impact, and capture the most valuable learning based on sales feedback.

These innovations are just the start of Showpad’s journey to harness the power of AI to reimagine key enablement workflows. Later this year, Showpad will unveil additional AI-powered features that improve the buying experience, upleveling the way sellers add value to buyer interactions, automating costly content administration tasks for marketers, and enabling entire revenue teams to retrieve instant answers to questions unique to their business.

Showpad is committing to innovating with AI responsibly, with the interests of its customers in mind. New AI capabilities will prioritize transparency and control. New features will be piloted with customers early in the development process to ensure the user experience comes first and security and compliance remain top of mind.

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