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Sagarmatha Announces AI Retail Personalization Platform Expansion to Reduce Inflation Burden on Shoppers

Sagarmatha introduces an anti-inflation AI personalization package and announces an expansion of its retail personalization offering at retail’s big show, the NRF conference today. Sagarmatha presents an end-to-end personalization and analytics platform to better support retailers’ loyalty program members’ essential basket cost savings during rising global inflation.

Sagarmatha Ltd. guides retail loyalty members towards a better personalized shopping experience based on purchasing behavior and retailers’ business goals, announced today an expansion of its platform capabilities with unmatched technology depth and breadth. The company collaborated with tier one retailers to develop new software tools which can be used to better understand their loyalty members’ needs and wants and embed them in every aspect of their business, preventing essential items’ basket cost rise on an individual level. Sagarmatha’s newly appointed management team led by new CEO Gilad Simhony, former mySupermarket founder, set new expansion focus pillars following substantial market research, uncovering the gaps in current personalization services, mostly in promotional personalization during global inflation. The company acknowledged the growing demand for fine granularity personalization and holistic loyalty data view by both retailers and suppliers, rapidly becoming a necessity.

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Amplifying the Loyalty Story

In order to improve sales results and truly optimize shoppers’ basket prices and experience during inflation, retailers and suppliers invest tremendous resources into managing loyalty members’ promotions and communications. Today’s technological innovations, on top of greater access to loyalty information and services, need to factor- in shoppers’ needs and wants in every strategic and tactical decision as the motivators behind customers’ decisions are more complex than ever before. Existing AI personalization tools have made dramatic progress in making shoppers’ experience more “tailor-made”, but what if they could show supplier insights that are beyond a single category or product? What if retailers could make every product affordable on a personal relevance basis?

Sagarmatha’s platform impacted over 1B personally enhanced transactions through its Plug and Play managed services model. Untangling the complexity of loyalty data, shoppers’ behavior, and on-going retailers and suppliers focus changes into positive, personal relevant communications now supports a new anti- inflation package in deeper analytics and BI for each loyalty member’s shopping history data and real time behavior information. Whether online or in-store, insights into members’ preferences in a variety of measures including promotional participation rate, basket lift, coupons redemptions are generated on an individual level to exceed current proven sales uplift of up to 17% in some of its tier one US based brands. The AI platform infrastructure expansion is leveraged to identify shoppers’ most prominent drivers to action and automatically generates a personal relevant interaction in the most suitable channel to assure happier consumers. Personal relevant offers, suppliers- retailers budget investment optimization, price sensitivity specific promotional strategy and more delivers a long-term customer behavioral change. Such a change will last through the inflation period, hence supporting a true market shift towards more effective year over year sales and loyalty results.

“We’ve come to realize our AI personalization technology and vast experience can support retailers and suppliers not only during optimal times but also in times of inflation such as now. Our technology enables a deep understanding of shoppers and helps keep basket cost low, maintain loyalty and achieve business goals in a more effective manner” Gilad Simhony, Sagarmatha CEO.

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