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Location Intelligence Meets Decision Technology: SiteZeus Leads Shift into New Prescriptive-Led Growth Era

SiteZeus is excited to be at the forefront of a transformative change occurring within the location intelligence sector. Its artificial intelligence-powered platforms are providing solutions that are helping introduce emerging and established brands to a new age of Prescriptive-Led Growth (PLG).

So, what is PLG? Simply put, PLG is prescribing location-based decisions to unique brands with the use of AI and machine learning. Prescriptive-Led Growth represents a seismic shift in bringing science to the often-complex questions of location intelligence. How many stores can I open in a market to leverage the full market potential? How will sales be impacted if I open a second location five miles away? PLG replaces the educated guesses of predictive analytics with highly accurate, data-driven answers.

“Importantly, companies need to recognize that this is more than just new disruptive technology. It represents a paradigm shift in the way companies think about location intelligence,” said Hannibal Baldwin, Co-Founder at SiteZeus. “Those that don’t recognize that shift run the risk of being at a disadvantage and losing out to competitors in what has become a highly competitive business environment where companies are increasingly relying on data-driven decisions.”

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PLG is an important next step in the evolution of location intelligence that has moved from the manual processes used in the 1970s; to the arrival of data and demographics in the ’80s; and the introduction of early desktop GIS mapping and reporting solutions in the ’90s. Predictive consulting that emerged as the standard for location intelligence in the 2000s was functional – yet flawed. It took months to build “black box” models that were static, opaque and didn’t take all variables into account.

This prescriptive process is possible because of these three core attributes: data, method and delivery.

  • Method: A.I. and machine learning are the engine powering the entire Prescriptive-Led Growth process that takes into account hundreds of thousands of unique data points.
  • Data: PLG models utilize modern data sets that are part of an a la carte data stack that can be applied to one global model. In addition to site characteristics and operator metrics, such as POS data, SiteZeus’ Olympus Data Exchange contains a variety of highly granular third-party data, including the latest mobile tracking and geosocial data gathering technologies.
  • Delivery: The result is a living model that provides actionable insights and answers specific to infill expansion, greenfield growth, relocation, remodeling and closure analysis. Rather than taking months, PLG models can be built in as little as a day and can be easily refreshed with new information to adapt to changing internal and external market factors.

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“The early adopters are quickly realizing the competitive advantages of Predictive-Led Growth, as well as having a real-time solution that is empowering, dynamic and explainable,” said Keenan Baldwin, Co-Founder at SiteZeus. Examples of major brands that have embraced PLG solutions include Burger King, Subway, Travel Centers of America, Sonny’s BBQ and The Vitamin Shoppe among others.

SiteZeus believes that transparency translates into trust. To that point, the company provides a free Proof of Concept or test model for brick and mortar brands. SiteZeus will also be hosting an educational webinar on “Prescriptive-Led Growth: A new age of location intelligence”. All registrants will receive a complementary personality pack for a brick and mortar location, to better understand:

  1. Who the core customers are visiting your subject site?
  2. How your customers behave based off 8 billion social media conversations?
  3. Where your customers travel before and after visiting your site?

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