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Domo Joins Snowflake’s Snowpark Accelerated Program

Domo Joins Snowflake’s Snowpark Accelerated Program
Domo Announces New Integration to Snowpark to Make it Easier for Developers, Data Engineers and Data Scientists to Build and Extend Custom Data-Driven Solutions Across the Enterprise

Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO), provider of the Domo Business Cloud, today announced support for Snowpark, the new developer experience for Snowflake, the Data Cloud Company, to deliver joint solutions that make it easier for developers, data engineers and data scientists to build and extend custom solutions across the enterprise. As part of this announcement, Domo introduced a new integration with Snowpark, Snowflake’s new developer experience, to make it easier to use other languages such as Scala and Java to build custom solutions within Domo’s modern BI platform. In addition, Domo announced support of Snowflake’s Java/Scala User Defined Functions (UDFs), in which customers can run code editor interfaces on the Domo platform, to create and edit their UDFs.

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“Our latest Snowpark announcement continues Snowflake’s mission of mobilizing the world’s data by giving even more users the ability to uncover powerful data insights”

With Snowpark and Java/Scala UDFs, Snowflake and Domo are harnessing the power of custom code to solve the most complex business problems by enabling joint customers to drive more value from their data, and providing powerful and actionable data insights to anyone inside and outside of an organization.

“Domo and Snowflake share a mission to offer customers the flexibility, scalability and security needed to get more value from massive amounts of data, no matter where that data lives. As part of the Snowpark Accelerated Program, Domo will offer an integrated and customized interface to run Snowpark and Java/Scala UDFs on the Domo platform, enabling users with more tools to further manage their entire data ecosystem and put data to work across the business,” said Daren Thayne, Domo’s Chief Technology Officer.

“Our latest Snowpark announcement continues Snowflake’s mission of mobilizing the world’s data by giving even more users the ability to uncover powerful data insights,” Snowflake SVP of Worldwide Partners and Alliance Colleen Kapase said. “Our continued partnership with Domo extends the value of massive amounts of data by delivering rich insights that can drive better decisions and actions for any business.”

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Most recently, Domo announced Domo for Snowflake, a rich, native integration that puts modern BI directly on top of Snowflake’s platform, allowing customers to keep data for analytic workloads directly in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Customers can read and write directly into Snowflake, create databases, and manage access to databases according to the schema they’ve established while using Domo to make that data more accessible and actionable for anyone across the business. Domo’s modern BI platform ensures that data is not only accessible, but also properly governed, giving BI and data professionals the confidence they need to unleash data across and beyond their organization with Domo solutions such as intelligent apps and Domo Everywhere. Domo is also a Premier Partner in Snowflake’s Partner Connect Program.

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