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[24] Unveils Engagement Cloud – Industry’s First Fully Integrated Conversational AI Platform for Businesses and System Integrators Based on its Proven Voice and Digital Platforms

[24], a recognized global leader in conversational AI, announced the [24] Engagement Cloud, the industry’s first integrated suite of conversational AI services designed to power both voice and digital interactions. With the release of Engagement Cloud, IT and CX leaders and their teams can rapidly diagnose customer intents and build, automate, monitor and optimize customer service and sales journeys through intuitive, self-serve interfaces and tools that empower both experts and non-technical users.

Consumers today expect businesses to communicate with them in their channels of preference, understand their intent, and seamlessly blend technology with human insights to provide personalized customer experiences. Using the [24] Engagement Cloud, it is now possible to deliver on those expectations.

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Engagement Cloud Key Benefits:

  • Integrated Architecture – Allows AI solutions to be built once and deployed across all channels, including search, web, messaging, and voice, removing effort and increasing deployment speed. Self-service tools enable users to configure agents, add channels, and build simple FAQs and complex transactionsal sales and service journeys, all through a single intuitive interface. AI tools allow experts and non-experts to learn customer intents and tune natural language models to improve performance.
  • Differentiated Messaging Experience – Engagement Cloud supports both synchronous and asynchronous messaging and integrates with all leading messaging applications, including Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Google’s Business Messages, and WhatsApp. A customer may begin an interaction with either a bot or a human and the Engagement Cloud seamlessly orchestrates the best end-to-end messaging experience, either synchronous or asynchronous, as the conversation demands. The customer may step away from that conversation and return to it at a later time or continue the conversation in a different channel, without losing context and history.
  • AI Assisting Agents – Agent Assist AI feature provides real-time, contextual and brand curated support to agents responding to customers to improve experience and reduce handling time.
  • Market-Leading Conversational AI – [24]7 AIVA (conversational AI engine) uses the industry’s most advanced and proven techniques to uniquely understand intent and learn from every interaction. Using natural language processing, AIVA suggests responses to human agents based on consumer intent, and creates feedback loops for humans to train the AI. AIVA also supports unsupervised learning, with automated intent discovery and the ability to monitor conversations to suggest new intents. AIVA powers voice interactions with Voice Biometrics and Neural Text-To-Speech. AIVA can also integrate with models from IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow, and Google TensorFlow through open APIs.
  • Deep Insights – A completely intuitive environment provides insights into the performance of the solution and features industry-specific out-of-the-box dashboards, streaming analytics, and multiple ways for business leaders to customize reports using their own parameters. Dashboards may be built via an exploratory interface or integrated within a company’s own BI systems via APIs.

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