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ZAPTEST: 3 Steps to Start Your RPA Journey with the help of this Gartner® report

Today, many back-office specialists are relegated to repetitive, data entry among several different software systems within their company. ZAPTEST, an industry leader in test automation and RPA, is the only solution on the market that can cut the operational budget of a company by over 70% while requiring no additional application instrumentation. ZAPTEST’s RPA functionalities allow specialists to script a process once, and have the ability to run it automatically, cross-platform on a regular basis.

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According to Gartner®, “RPA has democratized integration and automation, leading to growing business adoption. However, application leaders often struggle to identify and prioritize the most suitable use cases, select the right vendor and perform the right POC. As a result, many RPA initiatives fail, thereby delaying project timelines and increasing the long-term total cost of ownership.”

ZAPTEST understands this. In order to effectively drive RPA initiatives, enterprises must start by identifying the best possible use cases, creating a shortlist of vendors offering RPA solutions, and then trying the products of these vendors to see which one best accommodates their enterprise’s needs.

“We recognize our clients’ need for efficiency and productivity. ZAPTEST’s interface provides the convenience of allowing users to have the RPA capabilities next to all of their other automation tools. ZAPTEST’s RPA solution allows you to tremendously expedite your software automation efforts with any-task automation, fixed budget expenditure, and certified implementation. Enterprises can be one step ahead of the rest of the industry by ensuring that their RPA initiatives are successful,” said Alex Chernyak, ZAPTEST’s Chief Executive Officer.

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