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Introducing LiveMessage:’s 1:1 Conversational Solution for Service Teams is determined to take the leadership position in providing 1:1 personalized customer service solutions. The latest customer service messaging platform, Salesforce LiveMessage exemplifies the efforts to make messaging platforms faster, smarter and cost-effective. It has been conceived to deliver highly personalized customer interactions via text messaging using private apps.’s LiveMessage is the result of its acquisition of HeyWire LiveText Agent made in September 2016. HeyWire, rebranded as LiveMessage, is an exclusive 1:1 mobile messaging platform for Salesforce-powered enterprises. Salesforce believes that the new service will become a cornerstone of customer service strategies of its clients.

To begin with, customers can use Salesforce LiveMessage to interact with their colleagues, vendors and customers using private messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Google Hangouts. It also supports SMS/MMS and enterprise messaging apps. intends to connect its customers via Service Cloud for better traffic management on messaging platforms.

Currently, CRM agents can integrate 7 messaging platforms in the Salesforce Service Cloud console. No additional training is required to run the new messaging capabilities.

Salesforce LiveMessage will help customer service representatives manage conversational services at a hyper-personal level, freeing the customers from using web browser to access any Cloud Service. It will also make attribution easier for marketer, helping them improve SMS/MMS campaign’s productivity and maximize ROI.

That’s not the end of it. The latest Salesforce messaging solution is laced with innovative bot capabilities to target basic customer information such as mailing address, contact information and online purchase behavior. is offering BYOBot in LiveMessage to assist customers in seamless migration from existing messaging platforms to Cloud.

The bots respond to simple FAQs, thus sparing customer service agents from mundane tasks. Salesforce LiveMessage will allow them to focus on solving more complex customer inquiries, leading to more meaningful customer relationships. In short, these bots engage audience through interactive messaging, making the SMS/MMS campaigns more productive. Most tech innovation companies are developing bots to make customer journey exciting, interactive and meaningful from customer retention POV.