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Fluent Launches New Acquisition Marketing Application on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Fluent, a people-based marketing platform, announced the launch of an Acquisition Marketing application on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. The new application will enable marketers to tie up the loose ends between their marketing campaigns and customer acquisitions using Oracle Responsys. Oracle Responsys is offered as a part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Fluent is a Silver level member and Cloud Standard Partner of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

Fluent’s latest customer data acquisition solution is built to optimize analytics, delivering relevant customer acquisition metrics running on the Agile Audience Engine.  The Acquisition Marketing application is currently available to Oracle Marketing Cloud customers. Oracle customers can easily identify and target customers based on their self-declared preferences towards brands, services, promotions, and products.

Why rely on Acquisition Marketing application?

Acquisition marketing is a key aspect of audience engagement which allows companies to accurately measure relative value of campaign based on consumer LTV. Marketers can, then, focus on growing their engagement effectively with the customer based on acquisition metrics, satisfying and retaining more customers with powerful omnichannel ad campaigns.

Fluent’s Seamless Integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud

Backed by powerful ad targeting solution, Fluent’s Acquisition Marketing application leverages built-in surveying capabilities. The results enhance marketer’s vision in deploying opt-in data acquisition campaigns using Fluent’s PerformanceNow.

Marketers can also utilize additional audience acquisition applications from Fluent to refine and activate their campaigns, leveraging fresh customer data in real time mined from Oracle Marketing Cloud. It’s the seamless integration with Oracle Marketing Cloud that ensures seamless follow-up with new loyalty club members based on ad targeting and customer experience analytics.

via Fluent website
via Fluent website

Fluent’s Acquisition Marketing Package

Currently, Fluent offers following data acquisition solutions –


A cost-effective consumer data acquisition product for marketers, Connect is a campaign performance booster. Marketers can serve highly targeted ads to acquire precise opt-in email IDs, SMS permissions, and custom data fields.


Marketers can filter the acquired consumer data using this real-time CRM data. It is a data enhancement solution that drives a marketing campaign using grass-root details.


Reconnect with your customers by offering them interactive, highly personalized opt-in ads. ReConnect can transmit opt-in data in real-time, thus reducing the turn-around time for marketers.

Marketers can also drive mobile-centric Audience Acquisition campaigns using MobileNow. It extracts relevant mobile web inventory with precision targeting solutions available in Enhance. Overall, Fluent offers a complete package of Acquisition Marketing solutions for the web and mobile inventory.