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Atos Launches Atos Onecloud Sovereign Shield To Support Digital Sovereignty Needs Of Industries And Governments Worldwide

Atos announces the launch of Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield, a set of solutions, methodologies, and operational cloud services that is unique on the market, enabling clients across the world to meet the challenges of managing their data in the edge to cloud continuum, in line with the highest jurisdictional data governance requirements. Part of the Atos’ OneCloud initiative, Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield is a comprehensive edge to cloud platform ecosystem and highly secure service that improves the level of control clients have over the data they produce and exchange, helping them regain control and effectively deal with legal dependencies.

Rather than a binary vision of digital sovereignty, Atos creates a range of risk controls, supporting industries and governments in deploying hybrid and multi cloud strategies in terms of data segregation, infrastructure, applications, security, and operations. Atos offers customized version of the solution depending on the sensitivity of client dataAtos OneCloud Sovereign Shield can be deployed on: a private disconnected cloud – adapted to clients’ requirements, ensuring data segregation; through a regional or local public cloud – immune to non-European access; and on a global public cloud – delivered with sovereign controls.

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Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield is based on an optimized framework of:

  • Proprietary technological building blocks – leveraging Atos’ expertise in open-source software, as well as Atos designed and manufactured BullSequana Edge servers, its Trustway range of encryption products, its Evidian Identity and Access Management software, IDnomic Trusted Identities, Atos Managed Detection and Response (MDR) cybersecurity monitoring services and Trusted Third Parties.
  • Local and specific partnerships – ensuring control, processing, and jurisdictional treatment of data, by partnering with strategic players per geography and providing local experts and consulting accordingly. These partnerships, which are currently being developed, will be announced as and when they are signed.
  • Global partnerships – ensuring public cloud access, connectivity and vendor choice from Google GCP, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, OVHcloud, VMWare, and Red Hat.

Additional partnerships are to be announced shortly.

The solution leverages Atos’ key differentiators which are its expertise and ability to:

  • Ensure that data, including data in-transit from edge to cloud, is managed in a fully secure and auditable way according to customers’ sovereignty requirements, as well as future industry standards such as Gaia-X labels1 and European Cybersecurity Scheme (ENISA). This is supported by the Atos leadership in data security and in its edge to cloud continuum data management and orchestration2.
  • Ensure territorial jurisdiction so that data is processed and operated locally, in full compliance with existing local regulations.
  • Leverage Atos’ sovereign technology, developed in Europe, and expertise with 900+ patents and leading capability in protecting data at rest, in-transit and in use.
  • Support operations with its consulting expertise and a network of local certified experts in each territory, enabling processing of data for customers in alignment with local regulations, and allowing customers to define the exact location, nationality, and accreditations of the operators.

Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield was born out of our experience supporting governments and large organizations across Europe where there is a fast-growing need for greater control and protection of data, data exchange and infrastructure, in line with national and international requirements. I’m excited that Atos is now able to meet those requirements with our Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield, working hand–in-hand with all leading cloud providers and integrating Atos’ proprietary solutions to provide the most flexible and responsive sovereign offering available and as such unique on the market, said Pierre Barnabé, Interim co-CEO and Head of Big Data and Security, Atos.

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“To meet our challenges of domestic growth, international business expansion and data sovereignty, we have defined a strategy leveraging the best combination of private and public cloud. Atos supports us in this definition while providing the right set of services to analyze data segregation and security requirement in order to select appropriate solutions with the right sovereignty approach. With Atos and its partners, we appreciate the range of choices that meet differentiated needs, local and international, making it possible to conciliate sovereignty and competitiveness.” said Xavier Etienne, Executive VP-Technology & International, FDJ.

Atos OneCloud Sovereign Shield can be customized for a dedicated group of users and will be available for the defense industry in a separate and enhanced version.

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