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Spiff Launches New Integrations with Financial and HR Systems in Its Spring Release

In its latest product rollout, Spiff introduces additional innovative features to automate, simplify, and bring real-time visibility into commissions across organizations

Managing hundreds of sales commissions structures across continents has increased the complexity of the process for enterprise finance professionals. In an effort to reduce the time finance teams spend on this arduous process, Spiff, the leading sales commission software for forward-thinking revenue and sales organizations, announced today the release of new functionality in its sales commissions platform, including integrations with widely used finance and HR platforms such as Workday, Sage, and Xero that enable finance teams to close the books faster so they can spend more time on strategic priorities.

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“This release incorporates some great new functionality for Spiff users in enterprise finance, sales and operations”

“Commissions have become unruly. With so many structures in enterprises, they have become a pain to deal with because they are difficult to resolve – and they are only a small part of what those teams do to keep a business running smoothly,” Jeron Paul, Chief Executive Officer, Spiff, said. “These additions to the platform further our commitment to innovating for finance and sales teams so they can put commissions to bed each quarter quickly and efficiently and spend more time on the activities that help their businesses thrive.”

The new integrations empower finance teams to streamline their commissions process and save time to focus on their people and overall financials. The integrations enable Spiff to reach more than 150,000 customers and help those organizations further automate their commissions processes.

In addition to the integrations, Spiff announced the availability of the following functions in its latest release that are designed to increase confidence and transparency around commissions, and ultimately simplify this process for enterprise finance, operations, and sales teams.

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  • Easier Document Management with Automated Multi-Signature Workflows. Document signing workflows often require multiple people to review and sign off. Being able to automate this process saves time and allows Finance and Operations professionals to focus on other tasks.
  • Real-time Year-to-Date Earned Commissions on Statements. YTD Commissions is a valuable metric that sales reps track to stay motivated and on track for their earning targets. This out-of-the-box card makes it easy for finance users to add this to statements without any complex build or complicated formulas.
  • Multilingual user experience for the Sales Representatives will include languages include American English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  • Flexible Commission Expensing. Commission expensing may be a requirement for some businesses, but it shouldn’t be a burden. The newest updates to Spiff’s Commission Expensing solution, including custom capitalization time frames and portfolio inclusion, it’s simple to configure any commission expense report within the Spiff platform.
  • Custom Dashboards. With dashboards, administrators can consolidate multiple reports into a single dashboard view for deeper analysis of commission and team performance, driving operational excellence in their commission specialty and sales teams.
  • Comprehensive System Activity Log. Audits are not only tedious, but expensive. With Systems Activity Log, admins will be able to see all changes made in the Spiff platform in one place, making audits quick and painless.

Next month, the platform will add Multilingual Experience to the platform. The feature enables sales and finance teams to work in their native languages, which builds trust and aligns teams all across the globe. These languages include American English, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

“This release incorporates some great new functionality for Spiff users in enterprise finance, sales and operations,” Raphael Bres, Chief Product Officer, Spiff, said. “Commissions have increasingly become a major pain point for each of these teams and our hope is that the new functionality announced today will help simplify the process and reduce the organizational angst that accompanies it.”

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