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SequenceShift and Omningage Announce a Partnership for Amazon Connect Customers


Streamlining the Digital Transformation Process

SequenceShift and Omningage Announce a New Partnership Interconnecting Flawless PCI Compliance with the World’s Most Innovative Customer Engagement Platform.

SequenceShift, rebels in the PCI DSS Compliance and card data security space, and Omningage, Customer communications management software specialists, today announced the availability of an integration between the two cloud environments, combining their AWS products and providing a streamlined Call Centre Agent Dashboard and PCI Compliance solution exclusively for Amazon Connect users.

Amazon Connect has revolutionized how a contact center is perceived. Cloud based call centers have changed the industry to its core, offering zero setup fees, pay-as-you-go pricing, and effectively enabling users to have their contact center up and running in a couple of clicks.

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Within the customer communications industry, Amazon Connect offers something unique and new. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud infrastructure in which Connect operates, is impressive in both its scope and capability, providing the perfect opportunity for independent service vendors to add value and specialist functionality to a robust user-centric system.

Growing PCI compliance requirements and pressure in the contact centers means Connect users can rely heavily on AWS Marketplace partners to deliver and offer additional features.

SequenceShift and Omningage have seized the opportunity to support the call centers’ foundation, offering solutions for compliance, technology, and day-to-day processes that all need to be addressed.

The work-from-home explosion across all industries globally has resulted in a tightening of PCI requirements that make it increasingly difficult for businesses to achieve and maintain compliance. Although PCI is a requirement when accepting card payments, it is often not the customer’s core business.
Many are now turning toward third-party outsourcing providers to address this pain point, and as the world shifts further into the age of digital transformation, the expectation is that pay-as-you-go pricing and cloud-based, scalable software will be offered as the norm.

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The direct connection between SequenceShift’s PCI Compliance software solution, Payline, and Omningage’s integrated engagement management dashboard, allows companies to quickly optimize their digital transformation processes and have their contact center needs met.
Deployment speed is user determined and customizations are available to those that need it. Out of the box SequenceShift solutions are ready for immediate implementation with some customers going live in as little as 32 minutes.

While other service providers for PCI compliance or agent desktop/ dashboards do exist on the AWS Marketplace, this is the only collaborative offering to solve both customer requirements at once.

“We are incredibly excited about the partnership between Omningage and SequenceShift. Many of our customers require PCI-DSS compliant payments and to be able to provide it through our integration with SequenceShift further strengthens our unified agent desktop for Amazon Connect.” says Daniel Solomon, Managing Director at Omningage.

“We were ahead of our time when we started offering zero cost start up and pay-as-you-go pricing. As two independent software vendors, Omninage and SequenceShift saw the opportunity to deliver value on top of Amazon Connect, now we can say that we are one of the originals and the only ones offering this kind of packaged solution.” Managing Director at SequenceShift, Dmitri Muntean shares some insights into the power of strategy and perseverance.

The integration, developed by SequenceShift in support with Omningage, is part of the AWS Marketplace product suite.

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