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RENOVI To Bring Buildathons, Marketplaces and Custom-Built Stores and Events To The Aftermath Islands Metaverse

RENOVI’s partnership with Aftermath Islands will extend opportunities for 3D creators and innovators to participate in the Metaverse.

RENOVI, a leading platform for creating interactive marketplaces, buildathons with 3D architects, custom virtual creations for eCommerce, and brand engagement, has partnered with blockchain-based virtual reality platform Aftermath Islands Metaverse, a Barbados-based company, to bring their expertise to the growing virtual community.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is built using the Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) platform, creating fully realistic graphics together with GPU cloud-based serving technology and pixel streaming to create a Metaverse that does not require any download and can be played on virtually any mobile, tablet, or computer.

With GPU cloud services and pixel streaming, there is no need to create heavy device downloads, allowing users to participate in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse without the need for heavy graphics or device computing.

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For brands, eCommerce, and interactive commercial programs, the Aftermath Islands Metaverse provides high resolution graphics with realistic representation of digital goods and services.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is already showcasing its Alpha platform privately and is expected to open its early-stage Beta version of its first virtual island in the coming weeks. Aftermath Islands is also launching its FREE Play to Earn (P2E) game, Lost Kingdom of T’Sara, allowing players to engage in an easy “clicker” style game to earn resources that can be converted to NFTs that can be used inside the Aftermath Islands Metaverse. This game can be played both on mobile devices and computers. Players will first have to create a Meta Park Pass, allowing them to anonymously verify themselves as a real person to play on the P2E platform and the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

RENOVI and Aftermath Islands Metaverse are working to develop an interactive industry event, or buildathon, that will encourage 3D architects for buildings, event spaces, wearables, and interior design elements to create submissions that will be judged by an esteemed group of industry professionals for a host of great prizes.

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The partners are exploring the creation of a joint Marketplace program that will allow the transfer of items crafted, branded, and internally produced in Aftermath Islands Metaverse in the form of NFTs, internally and externally. The partners will also provide creative services for brands and other commercial operators to develop their realistic presence in Aftermath Islands.

RENOVI is a leading Metaverse marketplace and design studio working with a multitude of global brands and businesses to help create, develop and implement their Web3 strategies.

The NFT marketplace connects architects, 3D designers and digital landowners, providing the opportunity to purchase ready-made designs to be used across all Metaverse worlds and VR platforms.

Renovi Studios has already become an established business in the Web3 space – developing and building Metaverse and NFT strategies for leading brands in the fashion, entertainment, sports, and hospitality sectors.

Regarding the partnership, David Lucatch, Managing Director of Aftermath Islands, said: “We are excited to partner with RENOVI to enhance our creative and building programs and to support our creator and innovator community and assist them to create new revenue opportunities from the Metaverse. One of our primary goals at Aftermath Islands is to partner with great organizations like RENOVI to offer a wider range of services and offerings for our players and our growing community of developers.”

Andy Charalambous, Co-Founder, Renovi, said: “Our goal is to make the Metaverse as beautiful, functional, and effective as possible. We do this using custom-built and designed NFTs, art, and related virtual assets. The opportunity to do exactly this within the immersive, aesthetic, high-definition worlds within Aftermath Islands is perfect for architects, 3D designers, and creators. We look forward to showcasing all that we have to offer over the coming weeks and months.”

According to Gartner, the Metaverse is one of the top five emerging tech trends for 2022. Global spending on Metaverse technologies is expected to grow almost five-fold from about $15 billion today to almost $73 billion by 2024.

JPMorgan has even called the Metaverse “the next trillion-dollar opportunity,” with industry leaders in gaming, retail, education, the arts, healthcare, business solutions, and blockchain all investing in this rapidly evolving and emerging ecosystem. Citi has stated that the Metaverse may be in its infancy, but it could represent a revenue opportunity of as much as $13 trillion and have a major impact on not just key tech players, but also cryptocurrencies.

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