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Legible Announces Agreement with Ingram Content Group for its Digital Sales Platform

Agreement will provide readers access to hundreds of publishers, millions of books

Legible Inc., a browser-based, mobile-first, globally accessible online eBook reading and publishing platform, is delighted to announce that it is working with one of the largest digital asset management and distribution platforms in the world, CoreSource®, from Ingram Content Group (“Ingram”).

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“Working with Ingram connects Legible with hundreds of publishers with millions of titles, further unlocking Legible’s ability to connect readers from around the world with diverse and engaging content”

Ingram will provide millions of new titles from hundreds of international publishers to Legible’s transformational reading and publishing platform, significantly bolstering the depth, breadth, and richness of Legible’s eBook catalogue.

Legible’s use of the CoreSource platform unlocks Legible’s key marketing abilities through the dual offering of an international catalogue and an unparalleled selection of the most compelling content in the world. One of Legible’s core business strategies is to provide highly curated and merchandised storefront content; this partnership will provide its teams expanded reach to curate dedicated lists for readers such as holiday, seasonal, award winners, new and noteworthy, sustainable living, mystery, sci-fi, young adult, and other popular topics and themes, while greatly enhancing Legible’s bespoke AI and recommendation system, the Librarian™.

“We are extremely pleased to work with Ingram Content Group as Legible continues to expand globally,” said Kaleeg Hainsworth, Legible’s CEO. “Ingram’s digital platform is a benchmark within our industry, empowering the digital growth of publishers and authors in the 21st century.” Legible’s browser-based technology opens markets that were previously unavailable to publishers, significantly increasing market reach for the multi-billion dollar publishing industry by making books accessible to anyone anywhere while harnessing the full power of the latest code-bases to enable multimedia books, children’s books, and textbooks to be rendered more beautifully and accessibly than ever before.

“Working with Ingram connects Legible with hundreds of publishers with millions of titles, further unlocking Legible’s ability to connect readers from around the world with diverse and engaging content,” added Legible’s Chief Publishing Officer, Cameron Drew.

Legible currently offers eBooks for purchase and is developing additional ways to provide eBooks to readers, including through subscription and sponsored-reading models. By combining one of the world’s largest suppliers of digital content with its uniquely positioned business model and its team of globally respected publishing insiders, Legible is ready for the next phase of its global expansion and looks forward to sharing this success with Ingram’s publishers.

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Established in early 2020, Legible’s easily accessible online browser-based, mobile-first publishing and reading platform offers book publishers and authors unprecedented global audience reach. Legible’s platform brings eBooks to anyone with an internet-enabled device, allowing readers to stream their eBooks and read them in their browser. Through, content providers, both big and small, including global publishers, independent publishers, and authors, can offer their eBooks to readers around the world, including to disadvantaged or under-valued communities.

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