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Klevu & BigCommerce Unveil Elite Partnership for the AI Era of Retail Excellence

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Klevu and BigCommerce are excited to announce their Elite Partnership, aimed at helping ecommerce businesses achieve higher performance and lower costs in the Mid-market and Enterprise segments

Klevu is thrilled to announce its Elite partnership status with BigCommerce. By combining Klevu’s cutting-edge AI-powered product discovery platform with BigCommerce’s enterprise ecommerce engine, renowned brands such as Conns, Cass Art, British Airways – The Wine Flyer, Garrett Popcorn, Delallo’s, Dr Barbara Sturm, Grensons, and Sarah Raven have benefitted from improved performance and cost savings.

“At the heart of this Elite partnership lies a shared passion for our customers’ progress and an unwavering commitment to innovation”

“In today’s ecommerce landscape, leveraging cutting-edge AI isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. The strengthening of our already deep partnership with Klevu goes well beyond an already exceptional integration. It’s a testament to our robust shared customer base and unwavering commitment to innovation in the ecommerce industry,” said Russell Klein, chief commerce officer at BigCommerce. “By leveraging Klevu’s AI-powered product discovery and merchandising solutions, our aim is to propel growth for BigCommerce merchants of all sizes worldwide now, and empower them towards a prosperous future.”

With this Elite partnership, Klevu and BigCommerce are aligning their resources and investing in joint training programs for customer success, sales, and support teams globally. The aim is to help customers derive maximum value from both platforms, with a specific focus on $30m to $1b GMV B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses.

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“At the heart of this Elite partnership lies a shared passion for our customers’ progress and an unwavering commitment to innovation,” said Nilay Oza, CEO of Klevu. “With Klevu, retailers can achieve conversion rates comparable to Amazon. By combining BigCommerce’s stable and flexible ecommerce platform on the backend with Klevu’s AI conversion engine on the frontend, retailers have achieved up to 8% site-wide and 16% search conversion rates. However, this partnership between Klevu and BigCommerce goes beyond technology integration; with our joint task force committed to excellence, always keeping our customers’ best interests in mind.”

BigCommerce’s Enterprise Ecommerce Engine provides a stable and reliable ecommerce platform designed to help large enterprises scale quickly while reducing operating costs associated with managing complex operations. It offers features such as order management automation, streamlined inventory management tools, and powerful analytics tools that provide merchants with better insights into customer behavior patterns. According to Incisiv’s 2023 data, BigCommerce Enterprise Commerce Platform’s Visit Conversion rate is 20% higher than the market benchmark.

By integrating Klevu’s product discovery platform into BigCommerce, customers can gain access to advanced and customizable algorithms that enhance the findability of products on websites or apps. The solutions include AI on-site search, image search, AI chat shopping assistant, fully customizable product recommendations, category merchandising including facets and filters, and personalization and segmentation on-site, as well as in martech platforms such as Klaviyo for email and SMS.

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“As ecommerce continues to grow and change at a rapid pace, it is critical that retailers leverage AI to optimize their websites, increase conversion rates and provide a superior customer experience,” said Meghan Stabler, senior vice president at BigCommerce. “BigCommerce customers that use Klevu can benefit from shared algorithms across search functionalities, listing pages and product recommendations, whilst upholding ease-to-use at the same time. This enables a personalized user journey, transforming retail experiences from transactional to relational.

Both Klevu and BigCommerce are MACH-Certified and flexible to use at all stages of a MACH journey. With tools that cater to various levels of technical expertise, they democratize MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless architecture) innovation, allowing businesses at any stage of the journey from monolith to MACH to create, evolve, and succeed.

“Our technologies also both uphold MACH certification, ensuring that the technology we provide is built to be open and flexible,” continued Stabler. “But it’s not just about what each platform can do—it’s about what we can do better together, for the benefit of our shared customers.”

The collaboration between Klevu and BigCommerce gives ecommerce businesses the tools and support to help them drive faster toward their growth goals. Whether it’s optimizing algorithms for optimal conversion, experimenting with on-site and off-site personalization and segmentation, or leveraging data and analytics for insights, customers of BigCommerce and Klevu can benefit from fully-supported and agile consultations to stay ahead.

This new partnership between Klevu and BigCommerce comes with a wealth of resources available for merchants looking to leverage this technology combination.

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