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GRUBBRR Announces Extensive Partnership Integration with ParTech, Inc. (PAR)

GRUBBRR, the emerging leader in self-ordering solutions, has just announced an extensive partnership integration with ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology company and provider of a unified commerce cloud platform for enterprise restaurants.

The integration between PAR and GRUBBRR enables restaurants and other retailers to create seamless, customized systems that leverage GRUBBRR’s solution to drive incremental revenue, decrease operating cost and provide a better customer experience.

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To achieve this integration, GRUBBRR implemented a self-ordering kiosk that exchanges data with the Brink POS®. GRUBBRR software shows menu items previously pulled from the Brink POS system and allows customers to make and pay orders at the kiosk and then send the completed order to the Brink POS.

GRUBBRR pulls menu data, including items, modifiers, combos, tender types, and discounts, and then sends orders back to the Brink POS. The communication between GRUBBRR and the Brink API is extensive; GRUBBRR calls once every 24 hours for a menu refresh, twice for each order placed at the kiosk, once to calculate order total, and a final time to send the prepaid order and do an inventory check, if applicable.

“This integration is yet another way GRUBBRR is working to help restaurant operators increase average ticket totals, reduce operating expenses, and improve the overall customer experience,” said GRUBBRR CEO Sam Zietz. “Our partnership with PAR will revolutionize the restaurant and retail industries by providing a solution to the labor shortage that enables retailers to innovate their business with self-ordering technology.”

GRUBBRR kiosks also integrate seamlessly with legacy systems, so retailers can unify accounting, CRM data, and sales info with ease. In addition to a proprietary back end, GRUBBRR has an entire ecosystem of self ordering solutions, including kiosks, online ordering solutions, kitchen display systems, line busters, food lockers, and more that work with Brink POS.
Chad Horn, Director of Strategic Partnerships for ParTech, Inc. espouses the value of the partnership. “Operators are embracing technology at a break-neck pace, but they are trying to figure out how to manage it all efficiently,” he says. “By allowing restaurants to combine ordering, kiosk, menu display solutions and more menu-based services in one, GRUBBRR is immediately removing a lot of operational headache associated with menu management. Welcoming GRUBBRR into our ecosystem was an easy decision.”

Earlier this year PAR acquired Punchh, GRUBBRR’s industry-leading loyalty and engagement partner. GRUBBRR and PAR share a native integration with no intermediaries, meaning any existing PAR Brink client can seamlessly add GRUBBRR hardware solutions with all existing loyalty functions.

Thanks to the Punchh integration, GRUBBRR clients can innovate and scale their businesses with self-ordering technology that personalizes the customer experience. This integration eliminates the need to source third party vendors for point-to-point loyalty platforms, and instead take control of the customer experience from in-house.

PAR’s acquisition of Punchh furthers the company’s trajectory as the leading loyalty platform with integrated point-of-sale, back office, payment and guest engagement solutions. Restaurants and retailers using GRUBBRR and PAR’s solutions can expect to increase average ticket size by as much as 40-50%, all while decreasing operating costs and improving the customer experience.

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