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GitLab Grows Its Global Partner Ecosystem by Over 175 Partners to Deliver Customers a Seamless DevOps Experience

Offering the right people, process and platforms to enable organizations on their digital transformations

 GitLab Commit — GitLab, the DevOps platform delivered as a single application, announced it has grown its global partner ecosystem by over 175 partners over the past year, adding high-value services and capabilities through technology integrations that offer complementary value around the GitLab product and joint customers’ ability to be successful through their digital transformation. Based on a recent DevSecOps survey conducted by GitLab of more than 3,650 DevOps professionals, it is clear that different businesses and users are at different points in their transformation and DevOps journey. Over 25% of companies are in the DevOps “sweet spot” of three to five years of practice. While another 37% have between one and three years of practice under their belts.

The GitLab Partner Program takes a holistic approach to meeting its customers wherever they are in their DevOps journey by helping them solve challenges and delivering value. During the first part of the approach, GitLab leverages its strong relationships with cloud and platform provider integrations allowing customers to take a cloud-agnostic approach and deploy anywhere to meet their business needs. The second part of the approach focuses on existing customer point tools already in place that need to integrate into GitLab. These customers then have the ability to tap into GitLab’s vast integration partner ecosystem allowing them to continue on their DevOps journey with a single application. The last part of this approach includes solving for people and process changes. This is where our partners play a key role in offering their expertise and services around the cloud and platform providers and technology integrations to round out the customer’s implementation of the DevOps lifecycle.

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New strategic partner relationships and technology integrations include:

  • Technology Partners: Cloud and platform providers as well as complementary solutions through product integrations with GitLab. These technology partners are key to expanding GitLab customer solutions and capabilities through integrations with cloud platforms, Kubernetes, and legacy DevOps solutions.
    • Checkmarx – Checkmarx integrates automated static and open source security scans via CxSAST and CxSCA directly into the GitLab CI/CD pipeline, streamlining developer workflows and empowering them to deliver more secure software at scale.
    • Figma – With the Figma integration, all Figma users can upload or drag and drop any design into GitLab so that their work is part of the early stages of the DevOps lifecycle. Expanding upon GitLab’s design management capabilities, solving problems with design in mind is now easier with this integration.
    • OverOps – OverOps code quality gates integrate with GitLab CI to identify critical issues before they get to production. New OverOps support for git blame provides deep, code-level data about every error, assigning them to the developer who owns the code for quick resolution.
    • Pulumi – The Pulumi integration with GitLab CI/CD makes it easy to create, review and manage infrastructure stacks based on commits to specific Git branches so users can simply push-to-deploy your infrastructure.
    • Red Hat – Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform and GitLab enable enterprise and public sector customers to build and run scalable kubernetes applications in a consistent way in any environment, including physical, virtual, public, private, or hybrid clouds.
    • ServiceNow – ServiceNow® DevOps captures information upon code check in and throughout the Gitlab CI/CD pipeline across build and test stages. This integration enhances knowledge of what is happening throughout the lifecycle and can be used to automate the change process or add new insights to ServiceNow dashboards.
    • StackHawk – StackHawk makes it simple for developers to find, triage and fix application security bugs; its integration with GitLab makes it simple to automate application security testing.
    • VMware Tanzu – VMware Tanzu and GitLab provide the capabilities and services for modernizing applications and infrastructure with a common goal: deliver better software to production, continuously.

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