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DrChrono and Release an AI Scheduling Automation Solution to Improve COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

DrChrono Inc., the company developing the essential platform and services for modern medical practices and Nimblr developers of a healthcare AI assistant, announced today a scheduling automation solution to tackle the overload of appointment requests and eligibility requirements for COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

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With President Biden’s vaccination goal of 150 million applied doses by May 1, 2021 the healthcare industry faces a challenge like never before. Millions of Americans are seeking information and attempting to book vaccinations; which means phone lines, websites, and staff are overwhelmed. Confusion on adequate scheduling and contact channels can overwhelm patients and push them to abandon their pursuit of getting vaccinated. With Holly, the AI assistant that automates scheduling by emulating a human assistant, patients can reach these companies 24/7 to access availability and details across multiple communication channels.

Holly, created by Stanford StartX alumni, operates by registering appointments patients make, incoming from either phone calls and texts, and inputs them directly into the provider’s DrChrono calendar, respecting their live availability and scheduling rules. This streamlines communication and appointment eligibility by filtering qualified patients and notifying them of further instructions or second dose scheduling.

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What makes this solution a key element in the vaccine rollout is its limitless capacity. While vaccination centers can only take a finite amount of phone calls and website requests before they crash, Nimblr’s platform is capable of scheduling thousands of patients simultaneously by leveraging DrChrono’s API and cloud capabilities. This becomes essential for patients since it reduces their scheduling wait periods by 75% and provides anytime, anywhere scheduling via text. As a result, there’s an increase in accessibility and it eliminates barriers for vaccination. In addition to this, patients receive timely reminders and broadcast messages to ensure they know their appointment time and place and reduce no-show rates.

An additional challenge vaccination centers are facing is the unpredictability of weekly vaccine supply, meaning their appointment availability is in constant flux. The AI assistant helps tackle this problem with its dynamic re-scheduling system based on the center’s current inventory. Holly provides a real-time waitlist and auto-fills available slots with the help of DrCrhono’s API call system so centers can fully allocate their doses. This results in zero waste scheduling and capacity optimization allowing distributors to vaccinate more patients during the workday.

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