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Agoraverse Partners with Ready Player Me to Bring Custom Avatars and 3D Online Shops to Users Around the Globe


The new partnership will boldly reimagine what is possible with realistic custom avatars and immersive shopping experiences in the world of virtual, Web 3.0-based Metaverse fashion

Agoraverse, the leading platform for creating amazing 3D online stores in Web 3.0 fashion, has partnered with Ready Player Me to integrate their avatar creator into the Agoraverse experience.

With this partnership in place, users will be able to use their Ready Player Me avatars on the Agoraverse platform and will be able to enjoy immersive virtual Web 3.0 fashion experiences that take the industry to another level.

Ready Player Me is already known and recognized as the largest Metaverse avatar provider. The company recently raised $56 million from a16z and boasts over 3,500 partners, including some of the biggest players in the field, such as Spatial, Somnium Space, and VRChat. It is the go-to cross-game avatar platform for the Metaverse and is used by 3,500+ developers around the world.

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Designed to be the “passport to the Metaverse,” Ready Player Me avatars act as consistent digital identities that come with custom looks and limited NFTs that can be traded on different marketplaces. These avatars can even be created based on real-life selfies.

According to Oscar Bellei, CEO & Co-Founder of Agoraverse“Agoraverse allows anyone to create 3D online shops supported by the blockchain to sell both real as well as virtual products. Environments created on the Agoraverse platform are called metashops, and metashops are connected in environments called Agora – the shopping experience. Companies and individuals can create their metashops with Agoraverse and link them to their websites and social channels. They can connect them to campaigns as well to offer new and compelling user experiences. We are opening new opportunities for Web 2.0, and our partnership with Ready Player Me to integrate their avatars on our platform and create their flagship metashop are big milestones for our platform and the Web 3.0 digital identity and virtual fashion spaces as a whole.”

“We are excited to have Agoraverse join us in the mission of building an open and interoperable Metaverse and offer thousands of virtual worlds for our users to explore,” said Timmu Tõke, Co-Founder & CEO of Ready Player Me.

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This partnership is notable because it brings together an up-and-coming player in 3D Web 3.0 fashion and commerce in Agoraverse and one of the most talked about players in the Metaverse field in Ready Player Me, a well-funded project that is poised to redefine Metaverse avatar options and functionalities thanks to its recent raise of $56 million. The partnership also entails the development of the “Ready Player Me City” by Agoraverse. This will be a unique Metaverse environment for Ready Player Me but in an open setting that will focus on onboarding new users to their services.

The Agora Lofts community – a central hub that brings visitors and users together in virtual environments to relax and have fun – has already sold 5,500 units, and the project has already racked up over 20,000 interactions on Twitter. These developments indicate that Metaverse activity is on the uptick, and since Agoraverse is poised to release this environment that reflects Ready Player Me’s brand and houses its products, interest and user activity for both parties is only expected to grow.

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