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Airgram Brings Advanced Meeting Agenda Templates Features for Customer Success Managers

Airgram has updated its meeting recording and transcribing tool to help companies improve their customer success strategies. This updated AI-powered virtual assistant comes with tons of free meeting agenda templates, improved speaker recognition, and key moments highlighting functions for your meeting review and follow-up.

“The latest Airgram update makes it even easier to collect qualitative customer feedback by identifying different speakers with greater accuracy and allows users to highlight key moments in meeting recordings for faster analysis. Airgram can help you capture all the items and ideas and analyze customer feedback faster to improve your customer success strategy,” said Airgram’s founder and CEO Ryan Zhang.

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Airgram update enhances its key features

Meeting agendas: Airgram now includes 50+ meeting agenda templates, including customer success meeting templates, team meeting agendas, one-on-one meeting templates, and so on. In the latest update, Airgram allows you to customize and create templates that work for your workspace.

Record & transcribe meetings: Compatible with Zoom, Google Meet & Microsoft Teams, Airgram can record meetings and transcribe conversations in real-time. Airgram AI assistant can auto-join meetings, record sessions in high-quality video, and transcribe, even if you’re not attending.

Highlight key moments: With the latest update, Airgram allows you to highlight key moments in your meetings so you can easily find them in transcriptions once the meeting is over.

AI topic detection: Airgram detects important topics raised in your meeting and automatically extracts key details for analysis. It can extract and label keywords like price, organization, person, and more. Instead of manually scrolling through video playback, check out the keywords to find the information you’re looking for.

Share meeting minutes: Clip and share snippets of meeting recordings with links and export notes/transcriptions to Notion, Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or Slack.

Team collaboration: Team members can collaborate on meeting notes, share feedback and analyze insights to inform your customer success strategy. You can keep customers updated by creating action items with due dates so that you can end meetings with clear future plans.

Airgram is widely applied for customer onboarding sessions, interviews, seminars, virtual board meetings, and team meetings as a one-stop meeting management tool for users from customer success teams, marketing agencies, academics, and Nonprofit organization. For the next version, Airgram will integrate with Zapier to empower users to automate their workflows. Users can send meeting notes to more destinations, such as the CRM system.

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