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Konsolidator Releases Self-Onboarding

Konsolidator releases self-onboarding

Konsolidator, the leading financial consolidation company, announced today, that self-onboarding has been added to optimize and strengthen the user journey. Self-onboarding will make it possible to scale the onboarding process, and iaddition, self-onboarding is an important next step towards enabling free trial, which Konsolidator will launch in H2 2022.

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In line with the 3-year growth strategy, Konsolidator is now ready to offer self-onboarding supported by a help center with video tutorials and guides that ensure customers move seamlessly and quickly through the process.

Self-onboarding resonates well with cloud ERP users
The self-onboarding resonates well with Konsolidator’s cloud ERP integrations – Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, Fortnox, Visma e-conomic, and Microsoft Business Central 365. The integrations simplify the onboarding process making it possible for smaller groups to self-onboard by using video tutorials and Konsolidator’s support help center. In this way, customers can do self-onboarding from anywhere and anytime, corresponding with the increasing demand for flexibility in time planning.

Preparing for a growing demand globally
From a business perspective, self-onboarding ensures faster onboarding without hiring more employees. It eliminates potential bottlenecks in the 1:1 onboarding process and the barriers of different time zones that are otherwise likely to delay the onboarding. With self-onboarding, Konsolidator® becomes, if not the first, then one of the first consolidation software globally that offers fast and intuitive self-onboarding. Customers can continue choosing a managed onboarding, which larger groups are expected to demand.

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CEO Claus Finderup Grove comments:
“Simplicity has always been a core value for us, and this goes for our onboarding as well. And for two reasons. First of all, a simple and intuitive onboarding allows the customers to do it themselves, which allows them to get started sooner and get to know the product’s value sooner. And secondly, self-onboarding makes our business model more scalable, contributing to higher and faster customer conversion rates.”

Later in H2, 2022 Konsolidator will release free trails to enable users of cloud ERP systems to onboard and try Konsolidator® in a free trial period. In combination, these releases significantly increase the time-to-value of the software and the affordability, especially of the lower customer segment due to scarcity of resources.

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