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Brainshark Scorecards Give Unprecedented Visibility into the Readiness of Sales and Other Client-Facing Teams

Now, Companies Can Immediately See Whether Their Teams Have the Skills and Knowledge to Succeed

Brainshark, Inc., the industry’s only data-driven readiness platform, announced the availability of Readiness Scorecards. Organizations gain quick, deep and unprecedented insights into the knowledge and learning progress of their sales reps and other client-facing teams – with the ability to compare employees to one another, track learning data over time and compare performance to goals. These features empower companies to strengthen sales coaching and drive improvements in productivity.

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Brainshark Readiness Scorecards come after Brainshark’s acquisition of sales scorecard and data analytics platform Rekener late last year. Now fully integrated with Brainshark’s platform and data, scorecards provide more powerful, instant and comprehensive visibility into whether reps and their teams are prepared to engage with clients and prospects.

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The scorecards display and distill all Brainshark readiness data – including progress and scores achieved on onboarding activities, training courses/curricula, coaching exercises and more – at the individual and group levels. Importantly, they make it easy to visualize this data, draw comparisons and put the information into a “coachable” context.

“Many companies struggle to visualize and benchmark reps’ performance across all their learning activities – wrangling with ‘monster spreadsheets’ or pulling in data experts, with limited success,” said Alex Laats, executive vice president of product and strategy at Brainshark. “Our Readiness Scorecards provide instant answers to questions like, ‘How well are reps ramping up?’; ‘How does a rep’s knowledge compare with peers?’; and ‘Is the rep’s learning – as well as the team’s learning – on track?’ With scorecards, we’re committed to making it easy to monitor, measure and, most importantly, improve readiness for sales and client-facing teams.”

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