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Alexander Group Publishes “The Front-Line Sales Manager ─ Field General”

“The Front-Line Sales Manager ─ Field General” is now available. This book explores multiple views and perspectives of cross-industry senior sales leaders and their most successful front-line sales managers (FLSM), as well as clinical research conducted by both Professor Noel Capon of Columbia Business School and The Alexander Group, Inc.

The book celebrates the importance of FLSMs to a firm’s current and future health. Discover roadmaps for firms and their sales leaders to provide FLSMs with the will and skill to get behind a customer-centric strategy, and embrace the multitude of organizational changes to make that happen.

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Explore how a new way of thinking about FLSMs is helping sales leaders shift their organizations into higher seller performance and success.

About the Authors

Noel Capon is R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing at Columbia Business School and founder of Wessex Press, Inc. He is the leading expert on strategic and global account management and is a highly experienced marketing and sales management educator.

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Gary Tubridy is senior vice president of Alexander Group. Tubridy is an expert in sales transformation, sales management issues, sales organization design, sales force sizing and deployment, sales performance management and sales compensation design.

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