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VoiceOps Launches New “Always Be Coaching” Series About Making Coaching a Superpower for Businesses

VoiceOps, the software company that established coaching enablement as a key strategy for call center teams, today officially announced the launch of “Always Be Coaching,” a first-of-its-kind webinar and podcast series focused on how coaching enablement will help companies realize unprecedented levels of success and create competitive advantage.

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Call centers (regardless of location or industry) are struggling with slow or nonexistent performance improvements and high variability between rep in spite of major investments in coaching and training programs. Existing speech analytics and conversation intelligence tools have not delivered on their promises to improve these issues. VoiceOps has been an early pioneer in the area of coaching enablement to address these critical weaknesses in call center team performance and operations.

The “Always Be Coaching” series will illuminate the solution VoiceOps champions and makes possible for its call center partners, namely a more strategic focus on the call center coaching program. The series will feature VoiceOps CEO & Founder Ethan Barhydt as he dives deep into the field of coaching. He’ll speak with experts across industries about technical and tactical factors for successful coaching, and why coaching enablement is so important.

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“Good coaching strategies powered by good technology will shift the performance distribution of call center teams and create a solid competitive advantage,” said Ethan Barhydt, CEO & Founder of VoiceOps and host of the “Always Be Coaching” series. “Coaching can and should be a team’s superpower, but it can also be a hidden weakness that prevents them from achieving anything but the most incremental improvements. I’m looking forward to the conversations we’ll have as part of the “Always Be Coaching” series to help everyone understand how to build a better coaching program.”

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