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SalesTechStar Interview with Sara Moorthy, President and Managing Partner at Leavened

Creating content for every step of the purchase path: awareness, consideration, evaluation, and final buying stage is very crucial shares Sara Moorthy, President and Managing Partner at Leavened while she discusses a few thoughts from her journey in the B2B marketing industry so far. Catch the complete story:


Can you tell us a little about yourself Sara? We’d love to hear about some of your biggest marketing and sales learnings (and highlights) from your journey so far. 

I am the President of Leavened a Marketing Analytics SaaS company.  I have been working in B2B marketing for over 20 years for clients such as HP, Microsoft, Google, and Cisco.   We started Leavened about two years ago from the ground up, developing products that have a unique value proposition in the crowded market of marketing analytics.  Once we landed on a differentiated USP, we knew communicating it in a succinct easy to understand fashion for products that are very esoteric was going to be a big challenge.  Crafting language that focuses on the benefits was key.  Once we were able to finalize what we wanted to communicate, executing content, advertising and sales enablement material.

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What would you say are some of the biggest challenges technology marketers or sales teams in tech face everyday? What would your top tips be for them to overcome these challenges?

The challenges are communicating in an effective way your differentiation in the market place, finding your target audience cost efficiently, and finally developing content that is compelling through each stage of the purchase path.

Start with what makes you different to develop a strong brand platform that can be leveraged by marketing and sales.  The use this brand platform to develop content that can be used by sales initially to enable the sale process, while marketing begins to work on lead generation and advertising efforts.

Constant reskilling and development is important in today’s marketing and sales environment to help users and professionals cope with the constant evolution in martech / salestech. How do you approach this for yourself and your team? 

We are constantly evaluating the changes in the marketplace through research, content consumption (whitepapers and webinars) and so on.  We also meet as a team to discuss changes in the market once every two weeks.  We do invest in developing test or proof of concepts every quarter.

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What would you say are some of the top must-haves or best practices every marketer’s media mix strategy should consist of?

Content- Content- Content!  Have content for every step of the purchase path, awareness, consideration, evaluation, and purchase.   I recommend starting with lead generation programs with media outlets that target your audience, lead nurturing emails and re-targeting digital banners, and search engine marketing to start with.  Then use video advertising once your budget increases.

How according to you will the typical role of tomorrow’s B2B/Tech sales person evolve, given the dynamics and innovations in SalesTech? What should today’s sales person do to prepare for a future role as a senior level Sales executive in tech?  

I think with more automation through the sales process the time a sales person spends with prospects should increase.  I would expect sales person will get more involved in marketing and content development as they are on the frontlines with clients to understand their needs.

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What would you say or do in your capacity to turn Sales and Technology sales (or marketing) into the most exciting job of the decade?! 

To me, it is the most exciting job of the decade already!

Your favorite Sales/SalesTech  quote and sales leadership books you’d suggest everyone in Sales reads

How to Win Friends and Influence People, an oldie but a goodie.

We’d love to know a little about your future plans!

We will continue to develop new Martech products to help our clients optimize their marketing.

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A few tips if possible for sales and marketing teams (businesses) trying to navigate through the current pandemic crisis.  

I think this is a good time to seed the market with content and advertising, knowing most purchase decisions are being postponed.

Leavened is a marketing analytics SaaS product that addresses the three biggest frustrations in the marketing measurement and optimization process: the time it takes, the amount it costs, and the lack of transparency. Built by marketers that know analytics and data scientists who know marketing, we are fully transparent about our platform and how it works, so you’ll have confidence in the results. All at higher speeds and lower cost!

Sara is the President and Managing Partner at Leavened.