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SalesTechStar  Interview  with  Dale Durrett,  Vice President of Partnerships at Bombora 

Dale Durrett,  Vice President of Partnerships at Bombora on what it takes to drive more value from brand partnerships in the B2B marketplace:



Hi  Dale, we’d love to hear about your  journey through the years…tell us about  your  role as  VP of Partnerships at Bombora!

I started on the agency side at KBP, spent a good deal of time on the publisher side, representing well established global brands in DowJones and  CBSi, and was an early employee at LinkedIn, where I played a key role in establishing their Marketing Solutions business. During the past few years, I have been in the ABM & DAAS space with the innovative companies 6sense and Bombora.

The VP of Partnerships at Bombora is focused on building and maintaining relationships across the Adtech and Martech ecosystems. A key objective for Bombora and the partner team in particular is to allow for ‘ubiquity’ of Bombora’s data sets across these ecosystems.

What are some of the biggest partnership nuances that you feel affect a seamless partnership experience in today’s tech marketplace? 

To us each partnership is a journey, rather than a destination, with key milestones along the way which, when achieved, should be celebrated.

At Bombora, relationships matter. Trust, respect, communication & transparency are all key to a successful partnership.

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As we start seeing more  partnerships  and collaboration in the B2B tech market,  partnership teams will have to strengthen their processes  and offerings – a few best practices that come to mind?

  • Develop a clear, shared understanding, of the partnership’s goals and objectives
  • Develop a contract where the business intent is clearly articulated and understood by both parties
  • Establish a GTM roadmap, with key milestones, KPIs and timing
  • Establish a weekly meeting cadence to track KPIs, and for open communication and idea sharing
  • Establish a QBR (Quarterly Business Review) with all key stakeholders to review the partnership

Can you share a few top highlights from some of Bombora’s recent partnerships (6sense/others)?  How does this affect the marketplace and how does  it  benefit end-users – a quick summary?

We are looking to build partnerships across the Adtech and Martech ecosystems that allow for integrations that are customer first; ubiquity of Bombora data sets, that allow for omni-channel activation of our data, providing valuable insights which allow for effective campaigns, quality pipeline and top-line revenue.

As B2B data trends evolve, what are some thoughts you’d like to share on the future of data-driven marketing  and revenue /sales  strategies? 

There are a few trends in data-driven marketing and sales strategies to keep your eye on:

  • Privacy and compliance, impacting the status quo of the ecosystems at large.
  • How does Google move past the cookie, globally?
  • The evolution of deterministic and probabilistic data sets tied to various UIDs
  • B2B Addressable, CTV, Audio, DOOH channels
  • CDPs, the ability for customers to ingest and get value out of multiple deterministic and probabilistic data sets

A few thoughts on what  Revenue  and Sales  leaders need to be doing more of today to align team and business goals?

Having a good understanding of your company’s vision (who you aspire to be) and mission (what you are looking to achieve) provides teams with alignment to the goals of the business at a high level. A core set of values provides a guide for decision making across the business.

Team leaders also need a way to manage the business day to day and report out on a quarterly basis. This is done best by establishing and clearly communicating key goals and objectives on a quarterly basis, with frequent check ins, using a OKR framework or the like is helpful to keep everything on track.

Lastly, training, on key skill sets and products is key to achieving those goals! Invest in your talent.

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Bombora is a leading provider of Intent data for B2B sales and marketing. Bombora’s data aligns marketing and sales teams, enabling them to base their actions on the knowledge of which businesses are actively researching what products, and the intensity of that research.

Dale Durrett is the Vice President of Partnerships at Bombora 

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