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EMCEE Launches to Make Influencers True Retailers

Platform Creates a First-of-its-Kind Online Sales Channel That Allows Influencers to Curate Online Storefronts and Earn Up to 25% Commission from Brands

EMCEE, the cutting-edge platform that is revolutionizing online retail by helping humans monetize their talents, announced that it has officially launched nationwide. The free platform lets influencers monetize their audience 24/7 and create a passive income by curating an online storefront with the products they love the most. EMCEE offers brands a new type of online sales channel where influencers are retailers, exposing brands to new audiences and garnering sales around the clock.

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“We built a platform to make it as easy as possible for influencers to curate their own online multi-brand store without the headaches that come with running an online business,” said John Aghayan, founder and CEO of EMCEE. “The traditional wholesale model is, in most cases, broken, so we developed an alternative distribution channel where brands get to keep all customer data, have the ability to make higher margins, and have a reach higher than wholesale.”

As the creator economy shows no signs of slowing down and has fielded a record $1.3B in funding in 2021 alone with over 50 million creators across social media platforms, EMCEE is disrupting online retail with an affiliate platform that helps influencers monetize their talents while offering brands an alternative e-commerce sales channel. The proprietary platform serves as a catalyst for audiences to discover new indie brands, including Lisa Says GahOne DNA, Simonett and Chillhouse, and is actively expanding across a variety of fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle categories every day.

“EMCEE is beneficial for brands, influencers and shoppers,” said Alyssa Coscarelli, Director of Partnerships for EMCEE. “Throughout my experience as an influencer in the consumer space, I have observed many shortcomings of other affiliate platforms. With EMCEE, brands get to keep all first-party customer data and have their products seen by new audiences around the world while the influencers get to make a passive income with their customized storefront earning up to 25% commission from brands. At the same time, shoppers can now add as many items as they want to their cart from various brands that are specifically curated from influencers who align with their personal taste.”

How to Join EMCEE Society

Influencers are invited to apply to EMCEE by visiting Once approved, Emcees curate an online storefront to introduce their favorite brands and products to their audience. In addition to adding EMCEE partnered brands, Emcees can also sell their own items (like their favorite vintage t-shirt or a 30-minute Q&A session with their followers), and their storefront page can house all relevant link-in-bio links, such as personal websites, social media handles and more. When their store is complete, Emcees are encouraged to include their storefront URL in their bios on all of their favorite social platforms to maximize exposure.

Brands are seamlessly integrated with EMCEE and can onboard to the platform in less than a minute. There is no extra work for brands, as EMCEE creates and places all orders within their current systems. By using EMCEE, brands can export their products directly to the platform and easily keep inventory in sync. Partner brands decide what percentage of each purchase Emcees get to keep, with current brands offering up to 25% commission for Emcees’ sales.

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