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Solarvista Launches World’s First ‘2-in-1’ Field Service Management System & No-code Application Platform


The UK-based company claims to offer the world’s first solution that offers a hybrid of our-of-box field service application and customisable apps in one.

With Solarvista, companies and organisations can create solutions that work exactly as they need in record time, without compromise, and across mobile apps and web portals. It combines a full field service management system and a no-code application platform thus facilitating the ultimate combination of customisable facilities in business software.

“The 2-in-1 technology and architecture is a game-changer for businesses that have struggled with off-the-shelf or self-developed systems in the past. We’ve seen some of our enterprise customers roll-out solutions to replace a thousand users in less than a few days.”, says Adams.

Solarvista’s mission is to deliver transformational agility to businesses of all sizes. Whether replacing an entire system, automating a manual process, replacing spreadsheets or email, or even mobilising existing systems, Solarvista enables rapid creation of intentful, easy-to-use, mobile apps with web portals in days, not months. Integration automation is also embedded to ensure solutions can interoperate with existing legacy systems.

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“Many no-code application platforms exist, but Solarvista is the first one that’s dedicated to field based workflows but also ready-to-use as a traditional field service system. It manages to achieve a perfect hybrid between standard and customised software.”, said Paul Adams, CEO.

As well as enabling fully customised applications to be built, it also can manage customer information, assets/equipment, service levels, agreements, scheduling, task control, part usage, billing and provides analytical data for business intelligence tools.

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The “anything, anywhere, anytime” application platform, enables full customisation of fields, entities, workflows, forms and web portal with instant publishing to web & offline capable mobile apps that work on iOS, Android and Windows.

Embedded integration automation means other systems can be connected quickly and easily from within the system.

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