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Powerlinx: A Business Development App Whose Time Has Come

Over the last decade, we have seen a dramatic shift into digital as a way of conducting business. Platforms like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn enable people to open themselves a bit more to the world of infinite opportunities made possible by the Internet. Powerlinx is the next step in this digital progression.

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There is a near infinite number of possible introductions between two people in this world. However, only a tiny fraction of these meetings has the potential to result in new value being created in some meaningful way. The challenge of discovering and recognizing these opportunities is one we all face.

Specifically, businesspeople are constantly seeking ways which can help them open up a world of opportunity. Just as an individual has unique interests, assets, and limited time resources, so does a company. Business leaders will usually know their strategic objectives at any point in time, whether it’s geographic expansion, new product development or anything else, but they are also always open to hear about other opportunities. The key, once again, is how to find these opportunities in a manageable, practical way, and that is when the new Powerlinx app comes in.

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‘After talking to business development professionals, we gathered strong evidence which led us to believe there’s a real need for a solution to the “So Many Options, So Little Time” dilemma, and that’s what we aim to tackle at Powerlinx’ Nicolas Cuello, Powerlinx VP of Strategy

By becoming the go-to place for business opportunities, Powerlinx tackles the problem companies across the globe currently have when it comes to spotting opportunities for revenue growth, supply chain capabilities betterment and more. While building a better way to identify partners and grow one’s business, the platform’s goal is to narrow down the search to only those best placed to deliver a real business outcome and ultimately increase sales and revenue.

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