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MeetKai – The Next Gen AI Assistant – Launches Today in the US

MeetKai – the AI Personalized Conversational Search company –  launches the first voice-operated AI assistant that uses conversation, personalization, and curation to assist its users. The MeetKai app is available now for free in the US.

Unlike other AI-assistants, MeetKai’s sophisticated voice recognition and AI integration remembers its users preferences and context to respond within seconds. This enables Kai to respond to questions as specific as: Hey Kai, I wanna watch a Joaquin Phoenix movie that’s not The Joker”.

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MeetKai’s unique features include:

  • Context: MeetKai is the first virtual assistant capable of understanding and remembering the context of users’ questions. That means, if a user already asked MeetKai questions about Italian restaurants and then asks: “how about something else?” or “show me another option”, Kai will remember that they mean Italian restaurants, without the user having to ask again.
  • Personalization: Kai remembers what the user likes, what they don’t like and gives personalized results based on past interactions. Just like levels on a video game, the more time spent with Kai, the more personalized and impressive the results will be.
  • Conversation: Kai will understand very specific questions even if the user uses negation, unlike all other virtual assistants.
  • Multi language: Kai will understand and respond to the language the user’s phone is set up to. It currently operates in Spanish, English, Chinese, German, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Turkish.
  • Genderless: Kai is the first non-binary assistant, and identifies as ‘they’ or ‘them’.
  • Easy navigation: Users can vertically scroll through their results if they want to find and engage with previous discussions.
  • Voice & Text Input: Ensures easy access for users to speak to Kai through voice or text.

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James Kaplan, MeetKai Co-Founder & CEO, comments: “As a user and enthusiast of known AI assistants myself, I started finding ways to make them better and took on the challenge to build a true virtual assistant in the form of the MeetKai app”.

Kaplan founded MeetKai two years ago, pioneering a revolutionary new approach to search called AI Personalized Conversational Search. He comments: “We’re very excited to release our AI technology for the first time, through a fun AI Virtual Assistant, accessible to everyone. The MeetKai app is a great first step for our technology capabilities, and we can’t wait to share more”.

Weili Dai, MeetKai Co Founder & Chairwoman, adds: “People are ready for a leapfrog beyond the basic and limited search that currently dominates the market. That’s why we redefined AI assistance by giving each user a completely unique experience…and we made it free. Limits blur when there’s true passion and commitment and MeetKai will be at the forefront of AI, conversation, and innovation”.

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