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Dealer Identity by Volie Launches; Platform Protects Dealership Outbound Calls from Being Mislabeled as Spam or Fraud

All-in-one solution labels, manages, and protects registered outbound phone numbers for up to a 15 percent increase in customer contact rates

Volie, creators of communication software for the automotive industry, today announced the launch of Dealer Identity by Volie. The all-in-one phone number monitoring solution for automotive dealerships corrects dealership phone numbers improperly labeled as scam and spam to improve the likelihood customers will trust and answer calls. The solution is powered by Numeracle™, the pioneer of robocall blocking and labeling that has enabled 350+ businesses nationwide to maintain a positive calling reputation.

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“Dealership employees and BDCs need to be able to reach the prospects and customers they call. But, this is increasingly difficult as more legitimate numbers are labeled spam or marked as suspicious,” said Jacob Davis, managing partner of Dealer Identity by Volie. “Now dealerships can have a well-established, technology-driven solution to register, verify, and monitor outbound phone numbers to remove any negative number labeling and connect more calls to more customers.”

On average, 25 percent of a business’ phone numbers are improperly blocked or labeled as spam. Dealer Identity by Volie corrects labeling issues so calls are delivered as “clean” with the phone number displayed on the call screen. An interactive dashboard allows dealership management to monitor all outbound phone numbers, address negative number labeling, and improve number reputation to achieve up to a 15 percent increase in customer connections.

Read More: SalesTechStar Interview with André Ferraz, Founder and CEO of Incognia

In addition, the dashboard displays trending data to review changes to labeling and phone number reputation over time and provides management tools for phone carrier relationships and phone number updates. If phone numbers are mislabeled as negative and require additional remediation, the solution automatically invokes an appeals process at the carrier level.

“Number reputation and management should be provided by the experts within each industry,” said Rebekah Johnson, founder & CEO of Numeracle. “Dealer Identity by Volie is that expert who will bring the awareness of spam labeling and solution to the auto dealership industry.”

According to Davis, Dealer Identity by Volie is a simple and effective system to help dealers run lean while maintaining robust outbound call campaigns. “As dealerships across the country do more with fewer employees and rethink staffing needs in today’s increasingly virtual world, there’s a need for technology to amplify and improve business operations. Dealer Identity does this by ensuring staff spends less time in dialing attempts and more time connecting with new and repeat customers.”

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